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Contact Denise by email: or phone: 860-908-9738 with all adoption questions.

Some of our dogs are adopted even before they can appear on this if you are serious about adopting from us, contact Denise for an email application or download an application from our Adoption Information page, where you will also find a description of our adoption procedures. Answers to several frequently asked questions concerning adoption can be found on our FAQ page.

Our rescue has expanded to include Miniature Pinschers, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Beagles...Pit name it...and mixes of all varieties from local shelters. We are now multi-breed rescue. We still rescue American Eskimo Dogs. If you don't see any Denise for info.


COOKIE male, American Eskimo Dog, 2 years old ADOPTED




ALEX male, Labrador Retriever / American Staffordshire Terrier mix, 3 years old

BUDDY male, Miniature Pinscher, 4 years old

CAIN male, Rottweiler / Labrador Retriever mix, 3 years old ADOPTED

CUPID male, Rottweiler / Hound mix, 7 years old

DUSTY male, Siberian Husky / Malamute mix, 5 years old ADOPTED

FELIX male, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever / Golden Retriever mix, 10 months old

HERO male, Labrador Retriever / Border Collie mix, 8 years old

JULIUS male, Redbone Coonhound / Beagle mix, 3 years old

LUCKY male, Great Pyrenees / German Shepherd mix, 2 years old ADOPTED

ROCKY male, Jindo, 4 years old ADOPTED

SANDY female, Labrador Retriever / Belgian Malinoix Shepherd mix, 7 years old

WEDNESDAY female, Labrador Retriever / Border Collie, 1.5 years old

ZEUS male, Siberian Husky, 2 years old


OLIVER male, Miniature Pinscher / Chihuahua mix, 7 years old ADOPTED



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