Our Frosty had a little dose of "KemoMania," that is the personality disorder first manifested our boy Kemo, who was clearly an Eskie with too much time on his paws. When Samantha Chan first asked me to take Frosty from her Peskies Rescue because, "he wasn't doing too well with her other dogs," I realized that was Sam's code for, "Nutjob Alert."

And, there is nothing I like better than the challenge of a nutjob Eskie, so I made plans to pick up Frosty....along with Charlie and Clinton who were making their way toward their Massachusetts homes. Frosty was not the least bit impressed with me and nipped me in the hand straightaway. He had that perfectly crazy look to him....and I had seen it enough times that it didn't worry me.

However....extreme Frostyness....mixed with the Clinton-Charlie fightfest in the car made me wonder why I was bothering with this rescue madness, and why I was not on the slow boat to Bermuda. Oh, but then, I turned around in the car and they were sleeping. There is nothing more angelic than a sleeping Eskie.

And so, the day got better, after we deposited big mouth Charlie with his new family, in an emergency meeting roadside on the Massachusetts Turnpike. I returned home with Frosty and Clinton to meet the Angels From God, Irma La Deuce and Lovey Dovey, for an overnighter. An interesting thing occurred. Clinton is such an outgoing fellow, that he seemed to improve Frosty's manners. The minute Clinton came into the apartment, he had Nikita and Toot on the bed playing and humping. There had never -- in my history in rescue -- ever been another unneutered male dog who has received such a resounding "thumbs up."

Clinton loves to play.

The energy was contagious, and Frosty could not help himself. He began to play, but was a little over zealous with Miss La Deuce, who nipped him in the keester. Be that as it may, Frosty was much, much nicer to me after I had introduced him to such a fun crowd, and he settled in nicely for the slumber party.

Early the next morning, we made our way to Cindy Halliday's place in Maine, where Frosty fell in love with his Aunt Cindy. He stuck to her like glue. And, Cindy sang his praises for the entire two weeks. I am having a hard time convincing Cindy that he had any quirks in the first place. Ollie and Sweet Brie seemed to like him as well, so the stint in foster care was a success. After we got a better sense of Frosty's personality, we decided on an adopter.

It was Nadere Garcia of north New Hampshire who seemed like the best "Mom" for Frosty -- her last dog sounded worse than him -- which is always something I like to see in an adopter. And so, Nadere drove down to Cindy's to meet Frosty and boy, things went great. Frosty took off with Nadere, and her friend Steve, in the SUV like a lightening bolt. And, with a BIG smile on his face. And, Cindy and I had big smiles on our faces after we polished off the bottle of Merlot, compliments of Nadere and the Mount Washington Hotel.

Here is Nadere's first report:

Hi Denise,

Frosty loves his new home, and I love him!! He has settled right in here. He did fine on the ride home till we hit the mountains-- then he tossed his cookies, but it was time for a break anyways! I took him down to Steve's to reintroduce them the next day. He had a successful introduction to another friend of mine who he played with for quite awhile. That dog loves to play!!! With the introductions I'm having the person come in while I have him on leash, he goes nuts, I tell him "enough" and he settles down in half a minute and is dying to meet the person, than I have the other person give him a treat--do you think if we do this consistently it will work?? Bye for now, and thanks,