Little Charlie was pulled from the Manhattan Center for Animal Care and Control by Kevin Lewis, who brought him up to Samantha Chan's Peskies Rescue in Nyack, New York. Charlie is a real beauty and quickly, Sam had thought of Ken and Lee Sidoti of New Hampshire as potential adopters for him. I had also been talking with Ken and Lee, and when they told me that they had settled on Sam's Charlie, I volunteered to help out with the arrangements.

And so, I made the trip to Sam's Fancy Clancy Grooming Salon to pick up three male Eskies--Clinton, Frosty and Charlie. I like to think big, and adding three male Eskies -- including unneutered Clinton -- to my household was as big of a thought as I could have. The catastrophe was foreshadowed by the big car ride, during which Charlie planted his butt in the front seat, and Clinton tried to plant himself in my lap. The fighting was unprecedented. And I thought that Nadia and Toot were contenders....well...they ain't got nuthin' on Charlie and Clinton.

Clinton is a very good boy...but there were just too many guys in the car.

Frosty just tried to stay out of the other boys' way.

My plans were to bring Charlie up to Ken and Lee's the next day, on my way to Cindy Halliday's house, where Cindy had been begged appropriately to take on two male puppies, and it seems that I was off the hook temporarily. However, two hours into the five hour big car ride, the Clinton/Charlie argument had expanded into a vortex of chaos, and I was on the phone begging Ken and Lee to meet me on the road and collect their prize pup, Charlie.

The entire Sidoti family met me at a rest stop along the Massachusetts turnpike--with their darling Eskie girl, Angel, in tow--to meet their new family member. Aside from the rather cool reception that Angel gave her new pal, Charlie, the most amazing thing about the meeting was when the Sidoti girls asked me why the dogs in the car-- Clinton and Frosty--weren't barking. Well, blow me down with a feather, they weren't. I can't remember the time I last time I had two non-barking Eskies in the car.

And so, Charlie went home in the minivan with the Sidoti family and Miss Angel, who was perplexed. But we hear now that Angel has fallen for Charlie like a ton of bricks and the romance is on. Here is Ken's first report, and a note from the inimitable Charlie:

Angel and Charlie find they have a common interest in tug-a-war.

Hello Ladies,

Charlie has been here almost 24 hours, he is adapting well. He only had a few nervous "accidents" when he got here last night. He was given the rules of the house by Angel. She really let him know who was the "Queen" of this castle. He warmed up very quickly to the girls and to Lee, me he was very unsure of. And he really didn't like me with my glasses on at first. We are now starting to bond after 24 hours. He is very cautious around men. That might tell us something. He won't let me put his leash on but he will let the girls do it so I can walk him.

He is a real gentleman and looks sharp with his new bath and brushing. Angel and Charlie wore each other out this morning, what a blast they had chasing each other around the house. Somewhere around noon they separated, Angel went with me in one room and Charlie went with the girls in another. Both dogs took a 1.5 hour nap, and so did I. We'll try keep you up to date for a while. Oh, we will be fencing in a part of the yard in the spring, so they can run more.

Thanks Again for all your help.

Dear Sam and Denise:

Charlie is doing well; he has met his match. Angel and Charlie play and rough house until they drop or I break them up for unnecessary roughness. They have been together for a week now and are adapting to each other. Charlie has taught Angel to eat on time or get left out. Angel has taught Charlie to look out the window from the stairs and bark at the horses across the street. They keep us entertained and very busy. Charlie loves to go for a ride and is very good in the Van. He loves the girls and Lee because they give him so much attention. He and I are bonding more every day. He is still wary of my glasses though; if I take them off he responds better. Obedience school in the spring, Petco has a program I’m looking into. Well it’s time for them to go out and make yellow snow. Keep in touch.

The Sidoti Family

Hello Denise & Sam,

My first month as co-ruler of the Sidoti’s Castle has been nothing short of a blast. Little Queen Angel wasn’t too happy at first sharing her domain with an “outsider”. But after several owner inspired and supervised discussions we have become a team. I love my new home; I get plenty of treats and love here, although Angel sometimes steals them. Being a real gentleman, I usually let her have them, but sometimes I get a treat before she does. (I like that). I love romping through the house being chased or chasing her. We are allowed to sleep wherever we want and have full run of the Castle, I like sleeping up on the back of the couch like a (ugh!) cat. Sometimes we sleep on the stairs so we can keep one eye on the driveway in case there is an intruder. Then we bark and bark and scare them away. (Pretty tough duty, huh?) I can’t wait for the snow to melt and we can chase squirrels and see the big horses play across the street.

Jamie and Kayla (the human kids) have adapted well to our antics, Angel and I steal their beanie babies and slippers all the time, we even ate 2 of them, but we like real food better. We get to go for walks up the street when the weather is nice. We love playing in the snow, but humans don’t like it.

Mom and Dad play with us a lot too. I get real vocal when Dad tells me I did something wrong, but he doesn’t get mad at me, he still loves me and that is important. Mom is always spoiling us with new toys and treats, (she is trying to refocus our attention away from her slippers, I’ll bet.)

Mom took us for a ride a few times, Angel gets sick, but me, I’m just so cool sitting in my seat and observing the world as we pass by it. Someday maybe Dad will teach me to drive, then I’ll be the “King of the Road”.

Well keep in touch and God Bless,


Update, February 2004!

Hi Denise,

I'm celebrating my 1 year anniversary at my new home. My lovely "Angel" is by my side and not stealing my chew sticks for a change. I love my new home, the "Angel" and I have full run of the house, and only have minor chores to do daily. We enjoy dragging out all our toys and chewies leaving them all over the castle for the "maids" to clean up. Mom and Dad take me for rides often, maybe Dad will take me in his new Hemi soon. I think I better get a seat belt and helmet before I go, that truck sure is fast.

Angel and I are always playing and having fun chasing each other around the house, we get to sleep most of the day so we can stay up late at night and make sure nobody ignores us. Jamie and Kayla take us outside to play and jump in the snow, we like that.

Sometime in the near future Mom and Dad are going to take us "kids" on another long trip in the motorhome, last summer we went to Ohio. Mom and Dad really spoiled us, we got to see some of the country side and pee on every tree at each rest stop, they all know Charlie was there.

Well, it's time to go watch NCIS on TV with the family, I like that better than American Idol, even I can sing better than some of those folks. Stop in sometime and I'll show ya.. God Bless and Good Bye for now,