Every time we see a forlorn senior dog in a shelter, we can't help scratch our collective noggins and say "how could this happen"? What we would not give to have just one more day with any of our beloved fur babies that have passed to the Rainbow Bridge, and yet others seem to find these precious souls disposable.

Soapbox aside, we are pleased to introduce the ever fabulous Woodstock, who was left at NYCACC by his owners. That such an indignity could happen to a transcendent creature like Woodstock is mind-boggling. This boy has a personality so gentle, so sweet, that he could nap in the baby's crib... with the baby. We can't say that about too many rescue dogs.

Woodstock has an easygoing go-with-the-flow vibe, that certainly is not common in most Miniature Pinschers. He seems to have a goofy sense of humor and gentle play vibe that keeps him young at heart. Woodstock is a mild mannered boy and has navigated the canine politics in his foster home with ease. He has bonded with his new Chihuahua and Min Pin housemates, and could easily join a multi-small-dog or feline household, with proper introduction.

As a senior dog, Woodstock is well past the chaotic puppy years. Sadly, folks often overlook older dogs, and they have so much still to offer. Woodstock would be a great addition to the home of moderately active adults, who will provide the leadership and mental stimulation that he needs. He strikes us as a very calm boy. He loves to be with his people, but could also do well home alone during the work day. Woodstock loves to be part of the action, and travels beautifully.

When Woodstock arrived he was the posterchild for neglectful dog ownership. He was overweight at a startling 31 pounds, and had dry skin with random patches of alopecia. His senior bloodwork revealed low thyroid, but once medicated, and through healthy diet and exercise, Woodstock slimmed down to a sleek 22 pounds. Still, he is big for a Minature Pinscher, and likely has some Manchester Terrier in his DNA mix.

Woodstock has good house manners and is house and crate trained, although adopters should be prepared to troubleshoot the occasional accident that may occur during his transition to a new routine. Woodstock is in excellent health, and has been recently neutered, and has had a full dental procedure done, as well as preoperative blood work that adopters can use as a baseline going forward. He has received routine vaccinations and health screenings, and has been microchipped and dewormed. If you are interested in Woodstock, please write to Angelsfrgod@aol.com or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

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