Gorgeous Trey is a beautiful mix of American Eskimo Dog and Australian Shepherd. This high energy four year old boy is losing his home due to that be-all end-all disaster for most rescue dogs: The Baby. His folks have had a drastic change in lifestyle and priorities, and Trey has been given more than an inch .....and has taken more than a mile!

Since he has a whopping helping of herding dog ethic in his genes, Trey needs adopters who can provide exercise, structure and discipline. He needs a good dose of exercise each day, walking or hiking, and also needs some focused play time and above all....a solid grounding in basic obedience. Trey is extremely smart and eager to please, so seasoned dog folks will have a grand time working him to his great potential.

Trey would be a great choice for active couples or singles who have the time now to devote to his care and training. Trey has been loved and well cared for, although he has been allowed to run amuck a bit. Trey will be joining our foster network next week, and we will post a behavior update.

Update: 6/15/2011

Trey, we have learned, is the product of a "five star" puppy mill in Missouri, who made his way to a petshop in New Jersey. Trey is a good example of just how flawed this system is, and how detrimental it is to the longterm welfare of dogs. His breeders combined the hardcore work ethic of the Aussie Shepherd with the exhuberance and fiesty Eskie personality and allowed him to be sold to folks who had no understanding of dogs' basic needs and no means to channel Trey's natural work instincts.

An unemployed working dog will employ himself, it seems to us, and Trey appointed himself guardian of his young female owner, and disciplinarian of her toddler and baby. Trey's protective instincts were allowed to run amuck and at the age of four, he had become a royal pain in everybody's butt.

A change in venue was just what Trey needed to regain his sanity and we have been resolving quirks left and right, starting with the passionate dislike for motorcycles. Since he came to us with a Harley Davidson leash on...we suspect he may have reason to dislike them! On the ride to foster care, Trey began to mellow out slowly, while still expressing disdain for the considerable number of highway hogs, but managed to take a nap by the time we reached the George Washington bridge.

Now that Trey has met the pack in his foster home, we are seeing a very insecure dog, who needs a strong, savvy adopter to serve as pack leader. He has a frantic quality that is calming down, but this beauty needs a job to give him focus. We have started loading him down with a backpack for his walks, and he is taking to it beautifully.

Trey is eager to bond with people. He is friendly and outgoing once he trusts, and we have not observed any snarky behavior at all. Trey appreciates any attention he gets and will do very well with assertive, dog savvy folks who live an active lifestyle. Trey needs continued, focused training and exercise, as well as some activity to allow him to exercise his brain and work ethic. An active couple or single who enjoys hiking or running would be ideal. Trey is a natural for obedience work or herding trials. Any efforts in that regard will be rewarded with great success.

Trey is in excellent health. He is neutered, up to date on routine shots, and heartworm negative. He has been on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. If you are interested in Trey, contact Denise at 720-903-0636 or write to for an adoption application.

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