People often ask why so many dogs wind up in rescue, and we think Timmy's story clues us in to that answer. At the age of three, Timmy came to our rescue from our air conditioning repairman. He was moving and couldn't take his dog. Timmy had been the product of his brother's backyard breeding operation, and was the unfortunate coupling of a female Black Labrador Retriever and male Rottweiler.

The backyard breeders were quite the lackluster operation, and it isn't quite clear whether this was a money making operation or procrastination on the spay/neuter front. Puppies were whelped, and then rushed out the door as young as four weeks old, missing out on most of their social development period. Our AC guy couldn't resist the temptation to snag a free puppy, and so unlucky Timmy found himself with a new family. Unfortunately, this dimwitted sequence of events occurs with enough frequency to ignite a wildfire of dog overpopulation.

When we met Timmy, it was apparent that he had been a mere afterthought in his family's life. Aside from neglecting his basic training and socialization, his faimily had failed to provide appropriate vet care. Timmy was in rough physical and mental shape. He was extremely shy, fearful of people and of other dogs. He was fighting off a legion of fleas and ticks, and was badly limping. Our Vet later determined that he had an old fracture that obviously had not been treated.

It was Timmy's bum luck to have been born into this pocket of human apathy, and now after months of TLC and training, we are staging his comeback. Timmy has evolved into the sweetest boy, who has learned to trust and relax with human companionship. This beautiful, sensitive boy needs a best friend and patient caregiver to realign his stars in the happily ever after.

Timmy is a large active dog, at 78 pounds, with good mobility despite a slight limp. He has low to moderate energy, and would be a great choice for a single or couple, a recent retiree or senior. He could easily do well in an apartment lifestyle, and can be trusted home alone for short periods of time. Timmy could join a multi-dog home, with proper introduction and supervision. He is a pretty good all-around companion dog, and needs to be in an environment where he will be loved and treasured, front and center in his person's life, rather than relegated to the basement.

Timmy has blossomed beautifully in foster care. He has grasped his basic commands, and seems to enjoy the training process. He has good house manners, and is house trained and crate trained. Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during his transition to a new home. Timmy is in good health and has been neutered. He has received routine vaccinations and health screenings, and has been dewormed. Adopters should follow a healthy diet and gentle exercise regimen to keep his weight in normal range. While with us, he has benefited from joint and calcium supplements.

If you are interested in Timmy, please write to Angelsfrgod@aol.com or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

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