Our Stanley is one of our favorite foster dogs. He is Beagle through and through, right down to his beautiful singing voice.  At the age of four, Stanley joined us last year after his owner surrendered him to NYCACC.  Stanley had lived a sheltered life with his family, including small children, but then was abruptly dumped in the shelter without much exposure to the world.

Owner surrendered dogs often have a tough time losing their cushy homes and adapting to a harsh shelter environment that breeds stress and fear. Stanley did not fare well in the shelter. He became unglued, and extremely fearful.  His behavior deteriorated quickly, and we were asked to step in before he hit the euthanasia list. We were tickled pink to add another Beagle to our chorus. Stanley contributes the falsetto voice that we were missing.

Stanley appears to be a picture perfect Beagle in appearance and demeanor, and has all the classic traits of a tenacious Scent Hound.  He has a stocky, athletic physique, with trademark glorious floppy ears!  He has the classic Beagle low mainenance, tri-color coat, and is at an ideal lean body weight of 26 pounds. Stanley is true to his Beagle Scent Hound roots.  He is easy to entertain with a simple leash walk. He loves the outdoors and savors all of the scents that nature has to offer.  He needs two to three brisk leash walks a day to engage his mind and meet his energy needs.

Stanley is an extremely lovable guy and generally good-natured. Despite all the traumatic changes, he has never escalated to aggression. Since his arrival at our rescue, he has warmed to everyone and genuinely craves human companionship. Stanley will bond quickly and love his family, and will want to be the center of attention. If he is relegated to a fenced-in yard or a separate room in an apartment, he will get fussy and bark for attention.  Stanley becomes distressed if left completely alone for more than six hours. When his folks are home he likes to be in the thick of things. He has a vibrant, intense personality that will thrill Beagle people. He's very typical of the breed.

Stanley would be the ideal companion for an active single or couple, who enjoy outdoor activities. He would be happy living with a recent retiree or senior, who can provide him at least a couple of leisurely leash walks daily. Stanley is well mannered enough to tag along just about anywhere with his people.  He does well with other friendly dogs and possibly cats. 

Stanley is in excellent health and has been neutered.  He has received routine vaccinations and a negative 4dx test.. He is microchipped and dewormed. If you are interested in Stanley, please write to Angelsfrgod@aol.com, or text Denise at 860 908 9738 for more info.

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