update 7/26/2001

Well....this is as good as it gets. Through an uncanny chain of events, Simba and Zena, a pair of Eskie beauties, found as strays, finally lucked out to find themselves at the right place at the right time. After a long time in foster care, these Eskies met at my place in Quincy and started a whirlwind romance that resulted in a double adoption!!

Benny and Debbie Light of Rhode Island are now the proud parents of Zena, the Warrior Princess, and Simba, the Cowardly Lion. We are so thrilled with this adoption, and have received the most heartwarming updates from the Lights. Here are the initial reports on adoption bliss!!

June 16, 2001:

Dear Auntie Denise,

Our first day in Rhode Island was wonderful. We went to the pet store in Middletown where we tried on our spiffy new collars, chose our new dinner service for two, and picked up a 30 pound. bag of Wellness food, then Zena chimed in with "That ought to last Simba a day or two". Then it was off to Historic and Fashionable Newport, Rhode Island, where we fit right in with the Champagne and Caviar class. We made a brief stop to introduce ourselves to Auntie Anne, who showered us with praises. Then it was off to home, back in Portsmouth, where we had a scrumptious meal and a refreshing drink of water. After we ate, our bellies were full so we lounged on our back deck while Benny and Debbie ate their dinner. Then we went for a short walk where we met some of our new neighbors, who greeted us with open arms. I hope that we can return all the generous love that we have been shown. Well, it's one more round of snuggling and cuddling before lights out. Shees, we are pretty tired and need to store up some energy for tomorrow's adventure. So just know all is well and happy here in Little Rhody. All our love and woofs to you and your crew.


Zena and Simba.


June 20, 2001:

Hi Auntie Denise!

Things have been so busy here! There are so many new things to explore. We go for lots of rides with Ben and Debbie. Tonight we went to visit Benny at the TV station, Channel 12 WPRI, and got lots of attention from all his co-workers. Debbie gave Benny a surprise birthday party, so we joined in the celebration! We really wanted some cake, but had to settle for milkbones and lots of petting - not so bad after all! There also was talk that we might become the mascots for the Fox 64 TV channel too!! How exciting - a stage & film career might be in the making!

We have been very good regarding the housebreaking routine and haven't had an accident in 2 days! We usually get along with each other pretty well but had our first real fight last night. I think that since Zena doesn't have the "Angels from God" to pick on her, she is trying to take charge by picking on me! I took it for a little while, but then gave it right back to her! Debbie broke it up, and we made up after, so today was OK. Right now, we are sleeping downstairs in the kitchen and bathroom. The floor is cool and it is comfortable for us. Ben and Debbie let us into other parts of the house gradually and we are showing them we can behave when they give us this privilege.

We really like our new yard! The only thing is that two cats live next door and they really make us excited and get us barking and jumping. Zena really gets things going, and I join in the fray. We don't think that Debbie & Ben like that too much, because sometimes they won't let us run in the backyard. We probably are going to get some obedience training very soon, as Debbie finished her school year today and will be home to start our training.

Debbie & Ben were playing with us in the yard yesterday and we had such fun! Zena really ran all over very very fast - she was just streaking around! I gave chase and got some real exercise! It was really nice to be able to run and play.

Thanks for bringing us to our new home! We hope you come to visit very soon.


Simba, Zena, Benny & Debbie

June 26, 2001:

Hi Auntie Denise -

We had a BIG day yesterday! It was our first visit to our new doctor, Doc Civic, at the Newport Animal Hospital. We arrived a few minutes early for our appointment and Benny pulled the car into a parking space. Simba spied a HUGE Bouvier des Flandres dog in the next car. I mean this dog was the size of the despised Pigmy Pony that lives two doors down from us! Simba went NUTS and was jumping and barking inside the car. I thought he was going to go right through the window!! The dog went into the clinic, and Simba calmed down enough so we could go for a walk around the building.

We then went in and waited very patiently until Doc Civic called us in. That Huge Beast walked through the waiting room and Simba was very very good - not a peep out of him! However, it was my turn to bark and get excited, but I calmed down very quickly after Benny talked to me. Doc Civic was very happy to see us and excited that Ben & Debbie were new parents again. He gave us a mini tour of the new clinic - NICE DIGS!! -- and everyone was very friendly.

I was checked first and weighed in at 22.3 pounds. I had a great check-up and was very well behaved - even during my pedicure and Lyme vaccine.


Simba was next and weighed in at 32 pounds. Doc doesn't think he is overweight and Simba breathed a sigh of relief that he really doesn't need to go on a diet. Doc Civic checked Simba's teeth next, and the news wasn't so good. Simba has to have some major dental work done on July 12 and may lose a few teeth due to severe tarter, gingivitis and abscessed teeth. Simba doesn't mind and was just very glad that his new family likes to take really good care of him. It was time for Simba's vaccinations next, and things didn't go so well here. There was an inexperienced technician holding him and he got scared and Snarled, Growled, and tried to Nip her. Doc told her to BACK OFF - and called in a different technician. They put a muzzle on Simba (oh the shame of it!) and after that he was just fine!! Doc even excused his behavior and still said he did very well. Other than that, Simba also got a clean bill of health!


After the Vet Visit, we made a stop at Markede Kennel and got introduced to Uncle George and Auntie Stephanie - who will spoil us when we come to stay if Mom and Dad have to go away. They were very nice to us and very happy for us!

We arrived home tired and happy from our BIG DAY! It was time for a nap and dreams of treats!

Hope you are well and we miss you. Woofs to the Angels From God!

Your Pals -

Simba & Zena

July 5, 2001:

Dear Auntie Denise,

We hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! It was certainly loud around here with lots of fireworks noises. Simba was barking at them at first, but he later settled down quite nicely. They didn’t bother me at all!!

There have been all kinds of things going on here. We made a new friend named Leona, and she is 13 years old. She stayed overnight here on July 1 and gave us lots of petting and attention! We even got to sleep with her a little bit during the night. The next day, we all went for a walk on the local beach and had a great time! I really wanted to go in the water, but Benny only let me in up to my kneecaps. Debbie promises that she will take me swimming on Saturday and then give us a bath! Simba doesn’t seem to be too interested in going in the water, but if he sees me go in then he might come along too!

We also had a "Welcome Party" at Auntie Anne Green's - complete with dog only cake - it was delicious!!

The other excitement has been when we bark at the dog and cats next door. Freeway is a black lab mix and got us all riled up when she charged our fence. Debbie really has a hard time getting us to calm down! Simba even got off the ground with a vertical leap to the top of the fence – I don’t think he can ever actually go over. The 2 cats also get us going and one cat, Max, has started to come over to try to see us, but we aren’t liking that too much. Max kind of looks like us – he is very fluffy and white. I guess Debbie likes him because she is always talking to him and telling us to calm down and be quiet! We are getting better at this with the cats, but not with Freeway. Debbie says that this weekend we will try to meet her on neutral territory – maybe that will help.

There was also another dog visiting yesterday. His name was StaggerLee and he is a chocolate lab, quite old (12) and deaf. So all our barking didn’t worry him. He was very interesting and eventually both of us managed to behave around him. Debbie took us, one at a time, to meet him and that seemed to be OK. He really liked me the best and wanted to play. Maybe next time he visits, we’ll try to go for a walk.

Simba and I seem to be doing much better – he is actually trying to play with me a little bit. He still gets too aggressive some times and scares me, but Ben or Debbie try to make sure I don’t get hurt.

Well, I guess we are really living in the lap of luxury here – we get treated so well! Debbie brushes us every other day and both of our new parents play with us a lot! They give us lots of kisses, hugs and pets and we love every minute of it!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

LOL Zena, Simba, Benny & Debbie


July 26, 2001:

Dear Auntie Denise,

Things here just keep getting better! We have been so busy and so well cared for! Simba’s teeth are doing very nicely (as you can see in the pictures of him smiling) and he is loosing weight! We are groomed and brushed at least every other day and have our teeth brushed and our eye stains wiped too. We are really looking sharp!! There was a lot of excitement this past week and a half. As you can see in the photos we had our first bath in our new home. Debbie took pictures of Simba and tried to take one of me, but I refused to cooperate - after all, a “Princess” should never be seen at her worst! After our bath - we looked and felt terrific!!

Debbie & Ben also had company for 4 days - our “grandma”, Rose, and her friend. We did very well when they were here. Even though our schedules were off some, we liked all the attention and activity they gave us - especially the extra long walkies!! We also went for our first swim in the Cove. Simba is not a swimmer, but did get his feet wet. I loved it - the water was so cool and interesting - and I splashed all around! Debbie showed me a small hermit crab and as I sniffed it, the crab kept popping in and out of it’s shell!! Lucky it didn’t nip me on the nose! We didn’t get any pictures of our first swim, but will next time - after all, Debbie only has 2 hands and they were full taking care of us!

The neighbors next door also have company -their kids from Virginia and their two sheltie/beagle mix dogs named Dundee and Robbie. I loved playing with them and we chased each other all over the yard. Simba is too anxious and aggressive to play with them right now, so Ben & Debbie keep him inside while I’m having fun. Max the Cat is also still there and he knows just how to tease us. We are adjusted to the cats being in the yard and rarely bark at them anymore, unless Max hisses at us - then it is a real free for all. Debbie puts us right inside when we are like that - I guess it will take us a while to learn to be neighborly. has become a lot more interesting with Simba and Zena around.

We are having fun with all our toys too! I have become quite the “toy hog” and try to steal Simba’s toys. He steals them back from me so it’s an even trade. My favorite toy is “Elmo” -- I shake it and love to pounce it! Thanks so much for matching us up with Debbie & Benny - we know they love us very much and it’s nice to know we now have a “forever” home. LOL Zena & Simba

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