October 4, 2001



Hi Auntie Denise

- Zena and Simba just want to say they had such a great time with you and the Angels during your visit!! Swimming, running on the beach, investigating new toys, baths....what more could Eskies ask for?? They can't wait until you visit again - hopefully very soon!!

Autumn arrived and made the pups very frisky - the cool air feels so good to them !! Zena just continues to be a "dog on the move" and usually torments Simba most of the day. He is good-natured about this and usually plays very well with her - especially given the fact that she really snaps at his face - puppies just don't know their boundaries!! We have noticed that Zena fluctuates greatly from being the most well behaved Eskie to being a "Freshkie" - in one week alone, she managed to chew 3 beds, pee on our newly cleaned carpet, and chew a hole in a quilt and sheet!!! (We think that the influence of a full moon also had some bearing on her behavior !!)

On the other hand - she is sooooo loveable and likes snuggling and kisses - it is so easy to forgive!! We think that once her hormones and "puppy stage antics" (did you know she has a vertical leap of at least 4 feet !!) really calm down, she will be a wonderful pet!!

Simba continues to be a love. He is getting in great shape with all the excercise and chasing that he does with Zena. They both love running in the yard - the "Eskie Frenzies"!! They also both love being groomed and compete to see who goes first!! They have learned to sit and to "give paw" for treats - who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks??

They got quite a welcome from their "Grandma" on the first visit to her home. The visit went extremely well - no damage or problems - and they can't wait to go back! They have a surprise this weekend - their first stay with Uncle George and Auntie Stephanie at Markede Kennels - we will let you know how they do. We bet they will be the top dogs during their stay.

Hope all is well with you and the Angels!!! Looking forward to your next visit!!

Ben & Debbie Light