Our Simba is a great example of what happens when kids pick out a dog's name. Although we appreciate the nod to our favorite movie, The Lion King, our lovely ingenue Simba is a very, very girly girl!

This sinewy beauty joined us recently from NYCACC after her owners surrendered this one year old with little explanation. Barely past puppyhood, Simba is a rescue statistic. Nevertheless, Simba adapted to all the stressful changes like a champ, charming everyone she met.

We were delighted to take Simba into our rescue, and she has adapted beautifully. She appears to be a Yellow Labrador Retriever and displays all the best qualities of that breed. She is a large sized, tall and graceful dog at 66 pounds. Her short flat coat is easy to maintain, and Simba loves her bath time.

Simba ia a beautiful girl with an infectious puppy love vibe. She would thrive in just about any active home, in which adopters have the time and inclination to provide the excercise, discipline and training that Simba needs to live her best life. She would be great with kids, as long as her training and care can be a priority in a busy family lifestyle.

Simba loves to play and enjoys other dogs. She could easily join a multi-dog home, with a well trained pack that can show her the ropes. She is a high energy athletic dog, who requires a couple of vigorous leash walks a day, as well as focussed playtime. She would make the ideal running, walking or hiking companion. Simba has excellent stamina and endurance, and will thrive on physical activity, as well as one to one human interaction.

Simba has a natural affinity for obedience, and has learned her basic commands. She has passed most of her Canine Good Citizenship tests. Motivated adopters will be able to lead Simba all the way to Canine Good Citizen Certification. She has good house manners and is house trained and crate trained. Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during her transition to a new home.

Simba is in good health, and she has been recently spayed. She has received routine vaccinations and health screenings, and has been cleared for adoption by our Vet. If you are interested in Simba, please write to Denise@eskiesonline.com or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

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