Shadow came to us in a double love package when we were called by the Springfield MSPCA to pickup this adorable boy, along with his somewhat timid sister, Sarah. Pam Peebles of the MSPCA had done some extensive temperment testing on these two...and both did great ...except that Shadow flunked the "scary stranger test." Well...that's what makes him an Eskie! I don't believe I have every seen any self-respecting Eskie who would befriend a scary stranger.

And so, I picked up Shadow and Sarah and proceeded down the Massachusetts Turnpike toward Albany. Right about the time we hit Pittsfield, Shadow introduced himself with a cascade of puke that flowed into every crevice of my back leather seats, drenching Sarah who was snuggled along his right side. Good thing that I did not bring the Angels From God. Seating space was limited after that.

By the time we picked up our next passenger, a stunning Eskie-Chow named Foxy, Shadow was settled down enough to fall asleep in the back seat. The ride home was smooth sailing until it came time to add the three new dogs to my own pack. The introduction went better than expected....the Shadow/Sarah dynamic seemed to infect the Angels From God with puppy joie de vivre....which is not the usual effect that new puppies have on them.

Sarah with Shadow.

Shadow with James Gonzalez, our official Eskies Online kid/Eskie testing engineer.

And so, our search began for the perfect home for Shadow. Sarah's adoption was on hold until she concluded her heat period, so we moved these beauties to Diane Gonzalez's house for foster care.

We settled on Matt and Catherine Steger of Pennsylvania, who had been patiently waiting to adopt for months. We expected that Shadow would have a bit of separation anxiety because he was so attached to Sarah, but since Matt's business is home-based, we thought he would have alot of human companionship. And we were right...our first reports indicated that Shadow was experiencing some of the quirks that we associate with separation anxiety, and it seems he has glued himself to Matt! So far, so good! We look forward to Matt's updates!


It was nice to meet you today, Diane. Shadow seems to be adjusting well. We got him all sorts of dog treats, toys, etc. He seems to already understand “come”, “sit”, etc. When we first got him home, he wouldn’t do these, but it may have more been him being nervous with the new surroundings, etc. It also took him a while to eat on his own (without me handing him a biscuit, for example) out of his dish, but he now is eating too. Thanks.

Matthew Steger