When it rains Eskies, it pours. A few months ago, I had just finalized plans to pick up our girl Foxy in Albany when I had a windfall. I was called by the MSPCA with a plea for help on two Eskies named Sarah and Shadow. Under normal circumstances, Sarah and Shadow would be about four hours in the opposite direction of Miss Foxy, but since my luck has been on the upswing, it was the Springfield MSPCA that called...I had to pass though Springfield en route to Albany. For the first time ever, an inconvenient situation was rendered convenient...but not without a price...Sarah was in heat.

I decided to stop at the MSPCA first .... to assess the worst case scenario, since Shadow and Sarah had such a bad reputation. These breathtaking siblings had been unceremoniously dumped there by remarkably incompetent owners. Not that I am surprised anymore by the morass of reasons that owners give for the dump job, but these beauties were dumped for "barking" and "running away." Having failed dog ownership 101, these owners drove their dogs to the MSPCA, signed them in, and then told their teenage daughter that they had run away. The teenager called all the shelters to find the dogs, and she finally located them at the MSPCA where she learned the unhappy news that her parents had dumped them.

By this time, Shadow and Sarah's fortune had changed as we headed off to Albany, blissfully free of the Angels from God who were not invited on this road trip. Shadow and Sarah were absolute loves...from the moment I took them out of the MSPCA. They were just glued to each other, and the playing in my apartment was contagious. They were like little wind-up toys that played until they dropped.

Shadow and Sarah are "played out".

And so, we began to scan our applications for the best folks possible for these kids. Sarah's adoption was delayed about a month due to her heat period, and the applications just kept flowing in! Shadow had been adopted by this time and Sarah was living it up with Diane Gonzalez whom I was convinced-- for a short time-- was going to keep her. But, finally, after dozens of phone chats with adopters, I got a call from Cindy Fligor of North Jersey, and I knew in my gut that this was the absolute perfect situation for Sarah. It was that "treat the dog like you gave birth to her," quality that I can't always qualify in words, but I sure know it when I see it!

Cindy and hubby, Lou, met Diane and Willie Gonzalez that Sunday and just like that...Sarah had a new home. Our initial reports have been stellar and Lou has been kind enough to send us the most amazing family picture of our little girl. What a happy ending this is!

May 5, 2003

Hi Denise & Diane,

We are sending you the pictures of Sarah and our Family to you. Sarah is doing fine she slept on our bed with both our Cats and Dakota last night. I have to admit it was an experience! Sarah and Dakota played most of the night. So here I sit bleary eyed from lack of sleep but loving every minute of it. We want to Thank You for Sarah she is a love. Thanking you for what you are doing to save these beautiful animals. It takes special people to do rescue... I cannot imagine the time, energy and money it must take to do this work, but know this, it is appreciated! By the way Dakota says Thank You also! Kindest Regards,

Lou, Cindy, Jennifer & Kallie Fligor

May 21, 2003

Hi Denise & Diane,

We went camping with Sarah and Dakota this past weekend and had a good time. We went to Big Timber Lake in Cape May County, New Jersey. I am sending you some pictures of Sarah and our campsite for you to review. If we did not keep Sarah on her leash she would have been in the lake! She loves to chase the ducks! Diane, Willie and James Gonzalez came down to visit with us and Sarah. Diane said she is filling out which is due to the fact that she eats everything in one sitting and then migrates over to Dakota's dish to finish what he has left behind. We had a nice time with Diane and her family and went to dinner with them at the Lobster House in Cape May. The food and company were great. Again Diane, THANK YOU! we had a nice time. If you would like to post our pictures of Sarah it is O.K. with us. We will keep in touch! Kindest Regards,

Lou & Cindy Fligor

The Kiss