When Sadie (then known as Tammie) was left at the Brooklyn CACC, her former owners listed "personal problems" as the only explanation. Quickly vaccinated and spayed, this fragile little girl collapsed soon after, apparently unable to withstand the stress of these medical procedures. She was hospitalized for dehydration and a variey of other problems, including an infection from the surgery. The vet staff all fell in love with her. Sarah Guthrie had been waiting for a little girl--and Tammy seemed to be the perfect fit. Now renamed Sadie, she travels with Sarah to work most days. She occupies her time playing with another dog that frequents the photography studio where Sarah works. Sarah couldn't be more pleased. She reports that Sadie travels very well in her travel bag. Every time she pops her head out, everyone around her oohs and aahs. Sadie eats it up. Heart Bandits has gotten a lot of mentioning on the bus rides to and from work. We expect more pictures and an update soon.