Our little Rudolph seems to be a shy boy, in need of a warm lap! Shih Tzu lovers will swoon at Rudolph's movie star good looks, and laid back demeanor. He strikes us as an unusual boy, much less fiesty than most Shih Tzus we have met. After all, a dog breed designed by Japanese Emperors to guard the Inner Sanctum should have some Huff and Puff! However, our Rudolph seems more of a lap cuddler than an grandstander. He seems to be an old soul in a 20 pound fluffy package.

Rudolph is alot less fluffy these days, after a sedated medical shave job, to rid him of his nasty, matted coat. His Owners surrendered him to NYCACC prior to an overseas move, and while we do our best to not judge an Owner's reason for surrender, we were appalled at the physical condition that Rudolph was in at Shelter intake.

At the age of seven, Rudolph had become a rescue statistic, and he was quickly rerouted to our rescue, so that we could provide TLC, and allow him a chance to unwind before making any behavior determinations. We quickly learned why Rudolph seemed was so cranky while in the shelter environment. His shaggy coat was a horrid mess that was matted down to the skin and pinching him all over. Even the slightest handling caused him great pain. After his medical shave, Rudolph was free of all of that matted baggage, it was as though he had a personality transplant.

Rudolph has blossomed beautifully in our active Rescue. He would be the ideal companion for an active single or couple, who enjoy the process of working with a rescue dog. As a shelter dog, Rudolph has lost a bit of his house training. He was likely wee wee pad trained and will require some patience to integrate well into a new lifestyle. He is old enough be alone during a workday, but he will need lots of attention when his family is home. Rudolph loves to be near his people, and thrives on human interaction. He could easily join a multi-dog home, and he could do well with patient, dog savvy cats. He has also tested well with kids.

Rudolph's house manners are improving, and adopters should expect to fine tune the potty process as transitions to a new home. He is in optimal health, and has been recently neutered. He has received routine vaccinations and health screenings. He has been microchipped, dewormed, and is on preventatives.

If you are interested in Rudolph, please write to Denise@eskiesonline.com or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

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