(Or, How Prince Got Into Orbit in Virginia!)

latest update!


Kim and I picked up Prince on the last Saturday afternoon in May, at Denise's place in New York. He is such a little doll. We decided to name him Komet. He was a little growly with us at first, but the poor dear was just scared.


It didn't take long for him to warm up to us. At the first rest stop, I got out of the car to throw away some trash and when I walked back to the car, Komet was scratching at the window wagging his tail, trying to say Hi. He did great in the car. When we got home, Astro and Lunar had to investigate this little thing running around their house. I am so proud of Lunar!! He has taken to Komet like a very loving older brother. He is very gentle with him and lets tiny Komet chase him round and round the house. I picked up Comet and he yelped a little, and Lunar came running to see what was wrong, to make sure I didn't hurt Komet.



Now, Astro on the other hand, isn't quite as fond of the little nipper as Lunar is. He isn't aggressive towards Komet, but just kind of keeps his distance. You can see the disdain in his eyes. He will get used to Komet soon enough though. Astro is still Alpha, so he hasn't lost his rank! Komet is such a sweet cuddlebug! I hold him all the time and he just puts his face next to my check and lays there, and loves to have his belly scratched. Lunar and Astro are trying to figure out how they can get that sort of treatment, but they are a little big to be held like babies!!



So, things are progressing faster than I had thought. Komet seems to be very comfortable in his new house and is already getting used to the routine. I'm trying to socialize him as much as possible so he is less afraid of people. He still barks like crazy at other dogs though. He is already territorial, and when a dog walks in front of his house -- he lets them know who lives there! I can already see a difference in how he reacts to people. he still can be a little barky or growly, but in general he lets people pet him without much fuss, as long as I am by his side. He is a good boy who is going to be a great boy with a little training and self confidence. Just thought I'd let you know how he is doing.

----Reggi Davis, Lunar, Astro & Komet


(editor's note: When he came to Heart Bandits, a tiny, frightened Eskie, left in front of a shelter in a sealed box , Prince (now Komet) was so fearful of humans that it was nearly impossible to approach him. After almost three months in three foster homes (Chuck in Massachusetts, Larry and Mary in Connecticut, and, finally, Denise in New York City), this little boy emerged with enough confidence to trot down a Manhattan street with tail and ears held high. Everyone in Heart Bandits is thrilled to see Komet fnd such a wonderful new Eskie/human pack in Virginia.)