Our Pete reminds us of a Weight Watcher shopping in the Junior section for the very first time! Reeling from a magnificent 8 pound weight loss, Pete is full of life and energy. He is obsessed with "fetch," and never tires of play.

Pete may well be the sweetest soul ever to grace the earth. Hyperbole aside, he is the kind of dog that Dachshund Lovers revere. He is the ultimate sweet, cuddly lap dog; a dog unencumbered with the usual shelter dog behavioral "baggage." And yet, at the gracious age of 10, Pete found himself at NYCACC, after his owner became ill.

Clearly, Pete has been much loved, well socialized, and way too well fed. He came to us at an astounding 30.2 pounds, when he should be about 12 pounds. Pete has been on our summer Spa plan, and through nutritious, portion controlled diet, and swim time. We have brought his weight down considerably. Pete is in much better shape than when we first met him, and adopters will need to continue his weight loss regimen to ensure ongoing good health and longevity.

We think that Pete would most enjoy an active lifestyle, in which he could play a central role. He has been sidelined by obesity for too long, and seems to have the joyous energy of a young pup. Pete could join any kind of home. He has lived happily with a dog and cat, and loves all kinds of people.

Pete has good house manners, and is house trained, crate trained and can easily be persuaded to use a wee wee pad in the inclement weather. Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during his transition to a new home.

Pete is in excellent health, and is well on his way to a lean body weight. He is neutered, and has had a complete Vet work up. His teeth are in great shape, and did not need a full dental cleaning. His bloodwork was overall good, thryroid was normal, and other values slightly off due to obesity. Blood values are expected to return to normal once Pete's weight stabilizes. He has been vaccinated for routine shots and has tested negative for heartworm and tick borne diseases. He has been dewormed, and microchipped. He has been on appropriate heartworm and flea/tick preventatives. If you are interested in Pete, please write to Denise@eskiesonline.com or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

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