What a difference a change of owner can make!!! Pasha's original owner was described by our rescuer as "a piece of work." This poor pup's home life had been dismal. After contacting Heart Bandits--but refusing to wait a couple of days for Pasha to be picked up, the owner dumped his unappreciated treasure in a Long Island shelter. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.) Audra Eckes snagged Pasha from the shelter and delivered him to me during a Manhattan rendezvous. The Angels From God had taken a vacation day from rescue and were not present during this rescue run. Good thing, too, because at about 9 pm, Pasha and I were pulled over on the Connecticut Turnpike by a state trooper for not getting out of his way fast enough.


As the angry, potty-mouthed trooper stalked up to the car....I held my breath expecting Pasha to swing into action as my protector. All I needed was to have my brand new rescue dog bite a cop. And both of us would spend the night in the pound. So, I said..."Pasha, shut up and go sit in the back seat," thinking, "yeah, right". What are the odds he would actually do it. Well, Pasha took his butt into the back seat and sat down. I did not hear one more word out of him the whole time the state trooper was railing on me. You could have knocked me over with a feather. And, I thought...this is one great dog...despite reports to the contrary!


Pasha spent a week with the Angels From God--without incident--until Nadia and I went to pick up Shrimp Scampi at the Staten Island CACC the next week. The Shrimp annoyed everyone, include Pasha. There was a particular squabble over a ratty rope toy...the details have been supressed to protect the reputation of the Angels From God.
After juggling five dogs in my apartment for a week, I was highly relieved to have two wonderful families interested in adopting both Pasha and Shrimp Scampi. When Debra and Mark Zagaeski phoned about Pasha...I was delighted! This wonderful family came to visit him, and Pasha just ate up all the attention. Lots of kids, and Miss Lynnea, the cutest baby on the planet! Pasha circulated the room and gave each family member kisses. I was even more impressed with him!
And so, Pasha went to his new home a happy, happy boy. Deb Zagaeski reports that Pasha has settled in extremely well and just eats up all the attention he now receives. He has an endless supply of kids to play with and loves being the only dog! We hope to hear more from the Zagaeski clan soon!


A special thanks to Dr. Trisha Glazier and Dr. Kathi Cowe of the Emmerson Animal Hospital, North Quincy, Massachusetts, for their help in providing the best possible veterinary care for the Eskies who pass through our Quincy foster home.