Our puppy Pacino is a sweet, gentle soul who would thrive in a multi-dog home with an outgoing playful puppy or adult dog.  Five months old, Pacino and his two siblings were surrendered by owners who had an accidental litter and were overwhelmed with puppy care.  We pulled this trio of cuties from a North Carolina shelter and brought them to our Rescue in Canterbury, CT. 

Of course, there are no birth records on these pups, so we have tested DNA to be sure of breed mix, and learned they are primarily Beagle and Australian Cattle Dog, with some Lab and Norwegian Elkhound in older generations. Our Vet predicts that they will grow to be about 30 pounds, and their working roots suggest that adopters should be prepared to provide a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. 

Pacino is a timid boy, who takes a few minutes to warm up before letting his puppy mojo shine. He would be an excellent choice for a savvy Working Breed adopter, willing to commit to ongoing training and socialization. Pacino has taken well to basic puppy Positive Reinforcement training techniques, and seems to enjoy the learning process. We seek an adopter willing to raise this special boy as a Canine Good Citizen.  

Pacino could easily join a multi-dog home with older, well behaved dogs that will teach him and help build confidence. He loves to play and always enjoys the company of other dogs. He would thrive with an active single, couple or family with older kids who have been taught to be gentle with young dogs. 

Pacino is in excellent health and has been neutered, fully vaccinated and dewormed.   If you are interested in Pacino, please write to Angelsfrgod@aol.com or call Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

We are an active, 501(c)(3), multi-breed dog rescue, local to the North East, situated in Canterbury, Connecticut. Our 21 year history is reflected in our website EskiesOnline.com, and on our Facebook page: Eskies Online.