Update and pictures!

Sometimes you just have to wonder what people are thinking. Mulan's former owners were apparently dog collectors. After purchasing a veritable melange of purebred petshop puppies, the family determined that they had too many dogs and no time. The dog pack was not allowed in the house: instead, they lived their lives in the yard, like a pack of barnyard animals. Then the family dumped several of their dogs at the Brockton MSPCA. We got the call on Mulan. I certainly hope that these people are not brain surgeons.

When I picked up Mulan, she was as sweet and as friendly as she could be. The shelter workers couldn't say enough great things about her. And, her first official Eskie rescue mission was to ride "shotgun" during our Jackson's adoption in Rhode Island. Mulan was a pure joy everywhere I took her.

Until I took her home to meet the Angels From God. I am afraid that we had an "episode"....a three way tag team trouncing of Miss Mulan, who behaved very respectfully after that. Once she settled in, we had a fun few weeks in foster care. I got very attached to "Mooly" and I was anxious to find the right home for her.

Mulan had to adjust to house rules enforced by the Angels From God.

That's when Jack Lucas called. He and his wife Christine had lost their beloved Eskie two years ago and had been adjusting to the dogless life when Jack visited a local dog show. He was reacquainted with Eskies and decided to adopt a little girl. I was just thrilled with Jack and Christine's application and we began to move forward with the adoption.

Mulan took to Jack immediately and left a very happy camper in the front seat of Jack's truck. After talking with Jack the next morning, it seemed that Mulan had moved right in and taken over the household. All is going well, except that Miss Mulan is still peeing in the house...but the Lucas' have the patience to work with her. And, she does not know when to stop annoying BIG BOY, the Lucas's cat. Miss Mulan has received a swipe or two from Big Boy for her impertinence, but nothing too serious.

Jack promises to keep in touch and send us pictures soon.


Chris and Jack sent an update a while ago, but it's taken a while to get caught up on adoption pages. Here is their note and great pictures.

Hi Denise,

Finally!!! Pictures of Mulan. We plan on sending more than one email to get all of the great pictures we have taken (the beach photos are at York, Maine). What a beautiful dog she has turned out to be. The pictures you are seeing are taken after a few groomings at our local Pampered Pet. So, as you can see, she's being spoiled rotten. She and Big Boy are great friends now. Just today Mulan was "allowing" Big Boy to eat out of her dish. We still have a slight problem with the bathroom facilities!!! We are working on it. Hope your Thanksgiving was good.

Chris & Jack Lucas

Mulan at the beach.

Mulan and Big Boy.

Update, July 2007


Hi Denise,

You probably don't remember us, but my husband came to your home to see one of the Eskies for adoption in May of 2002. His name is Jack and we adopted Mulan. I have always wanted to let you know how happy we have been to include her as one of our pets. We also have always had 2 cats (some have passed and we've taken on other strays to give them a good home) and a dog. After our last Eskie passed away we were very hesitant about getting another dog. We had had a Huskie for 15 years, and 2 Eskies after that. Every time one of them passes it was like loosing a child and we had decided that it was time to take a break, but we missed the company of a dog too much for that to last! Hence, Mulan.

We have recently moved to North Carolina from Massachusetts, with the 2 cats and Mulan. We are planning our first vacation here and I needed to board Mulan, which brought me to gathering her paperwork and finding a local vet. Upon finding all of the information I came across the papers Jack printed out from the Eskie Online Dog Rescue. He had saved them all these years! Your email address was written on the top.
Mulan, who is now 9 years old, first came to us so very shy and let me know that she was loyal to Jack. In the last 5 years she has warmed up to me, as well as our 2 grandchildren, and is very protective!!! She has become our spoiled brat!! All of our children have left the house and now our animals are our children. She is definitely the smartest of the 3 Eskies that we have enjoyed the company of. We just love her so much! 

I'm sure that you don't hear from everyone who adopts from you, but I wanted to let you know how great Mulan turned out! I was very hesitant to bring her into our home, due to possible problems, etc. etc., but she's the best! And so are you! I hope you have continued to help these beautiful creatures.

Thank you, thank you!
Christine & Mulan too!