There is something about perspective that amazes me. Our Jackson was dumped in a South New Jersey Shelter -- at six months old -- by a frazzled family who were beside themselves because Jackson had bitten their children. Now we have seen quite a few cranky Eskies in our years in rescue....but I have to say, just how screwed up can a puppy be at six months old? Nevertheless, Diane Gonzalez prepared for the worst when she picked up Jackson from the shelter, but the little sneak stole Diane's heart during the car ride home and earned that special sleep spot on the bed next to the Grand Dame, Lady. As an active, spirited puppy, Jackson gave Diane a workout with basic leash training and housebreaking, but she was so bewitched by Jackson that she did not express the usual litany of complaints related to puppyness. His "bite history" turned out to be nothing more than puppy play-biting....misintrepreted by nitwit dog owners.

Jackson with Irma La Deuce


Since Jackson was such a great dog, we had a family picked out for him fairly quickly, but the adoption was delayed a few weeks due to summer vacation plans. So, that meant that Jackson was invited to spend some time with the Angels From God and Irma La Deuce, in Massachusetts, before his final stop at his new digs in Rhode Island.

If there is one thing I hate, it is a houseguest who puts the snatch on the last roll of toiletpaper, and will not give it back until he has gotten it good and soggy. Toot, in particular, objected to Jackson's obsession with Irma La Deuce, whom he investigated from every angle. I don't think that Jackson knew exactly what Irma is, and he certainly did not understand her neurotic obsession du jour, as Irma spent hours dragging her faux sheepskin bed around the house.

Toot expresses disapproval of Jackson's interest in Irma

But, we had fun and were sorry to see Jackson go. Finally his adoption day came, and we drove to Rhode Island on a beautiful spring day, with our girl, Mulan, in tow -- fresh from her stay at the Brockton MSPCA.

Jackson took over Karen and Michael Kanzanjian's home the minute he walked in the door. He made a beeline for his new bed and toy stash first thing. And then he wormed his way into their hearts with record speed....in true eskie style. Our first note from Karen reports good news, and we hope to hear more soon!!

Hi Denise,

Jackson has settled in very quickly. He is so good and has such a great personality it is hard to believe someone gave him away. We are very greatful to you for making this adoption happen. He is in our hearts already!!

Thanks again,


Jackson examines his new bed and toys.