Our Maggie has had some extremely bum luck. She was found as a country stray in North Carolina, but that's not the bum luck. She was added abruptly to a northbound Transport headed for our Connecticut rescue, but that’s not the bum luck.

When Maggie arrived here, we noted suspicious allergy symptoms and numerous lumps that our Vet removed and biopsied.  Maggie appeared to be a senior citizen, so we expected the worst news, but happily learned that all the lumps were benign cyst-like tissue. 

As we did further testing on Maggie, we uncovered simple food allergies to Beef, Rice and Wheat which are staples in cheap dog food. It was Maggie’s bum luck to wind up with lackluster owners who over bred her and neglected to treat her allergies. She has lived a life of misery.

After a simple tweak to her diet, Maggie’s symptoms resolved. She quickly adjusted to her new diet and routine, and she became one of our most beloved Fosters. She has become a proper Beagle busybody with her nose in everybody's affairs. At 10 years old, Maggie is ready for her final act!  

Maggie is a sweet girl, who can be shy at first meeting, but warms up into a total lovebug.  She would thrive in an active adult home, with folks who can commit to her senior care.. She could join a home with older kids, who were taught to be respectful of animals, and she has lived harmoniously with other dogs. She could easily coexist with cats. 

Maggie is in great health and has had a recent dental with a few extractions. She is slightly underweight at 17 pounds, and could easily gain a few pounds. 

Maggie has good house manners, and is house trained and crate trained.  Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during her transition to a new home. She has been spayed, and has received routine vaccinations and health screenings.

If you are interested in Maggie, please write to Angelsfrgod@aol.com or call/text Denise at 860 908 9738 for more info.

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