Lucas has had a really, really tough time of it. He started off his young life in rescue as a pup, surrendered by his first owner after Lucas had jumped out of a window and broken his leg. Lucas was placed with a young lady on Cape Cod. After three years, her lifestyle changed and, with her future uncertain, she contacted Eskies Online. After a tearful goodbye, Lucas came to visit the Angels From God. All in all, the AFGs were pretty hospitable. This was one foster situation in which hell DID NOT break loose.

And, so, the perfect home for Lucas soon turned fact, with a woman who had inquired about him when he had been available three years previously. I thought that it was FATE knocking at Lucas' door. And, to make things even better, the adopter-in-question had already adopted an Eskie from us, and the dog was doing very well.

And so, we moved Lucas from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania into what we thought was the perfect situation. What we had not counted upon was that the adopter had gotten married since her adoption screening. The new husband turned out to be a tad dicey. Lucas was a bit overwhelmed on his arrival, and I guess that he could just smell a rat when he saw one. Let's just say that Lucas was returned to us....before we had to call in Uncle Guido for an offensive tactical move. Well...when we screw up, we screw up big.

But, then, a miracle happened. I was online and received an Instant Message from an AOLer named Janine who had been corresponding with me about adopting an Eskie. When she learned that Lucas was available again, she was elated we began to put together what we hoped would be Lucas's final adoption. Janine and Johnny met Diane Gonzalez and Lucas, and the match was really wonderful. Lucas fit right in with their pack and all of the problems that had occurred in the previous home were minimal with seasoned and patient Eskie people like Janine and Johnny. It goes to show you -- there are no problem dogs, only problem people.

Lucas with his new brothers, Bing and Gizmo


Above, Lucas and Bing. Right, Gizmo, Lucas and Bing.

For more pictures and an update from Lucas' adoptors, visit Bing's adoption page.