Bing came to Diane Gonzalez's house from a frazzled Brooklyn owner, who had just taken a new job and found himself overextended with no time for Bing. This poor pup spent most of his time in his crate and was a bundle of energy when he came to Diane's. Bing adjusted right away to Diane's routine, and he was a special favorite of her son, the inimitable four year old James.

We had Bing for about a week, when we heard from Janine and Johnny, who had previously adopted our boy, Lucas. We were thrilled that these folks wanted to adopt another Eskie, and we hear that Bing has rounded out their Eskie pack nicely -- Here is what Janine has to say:

Hi Denise, how are you? We wanted to thank you for all you have done for us and the dogs. Lucas has turned out to be a great dog. He loves to cuddle and be pet. He is very responsive to training and learns quickly. He has taken to us really well and loves his new playmates, Bing and Gizmo. Bing is still a terror but he is getting better. He is very lovable but needs a lot of training. Bing sleeps with us in bed every night and gives us lots of sloppy kisses.

Lucas and Bing absolutely love the boat and the beach. They run and swim for hours and hours and then sleep for 2 days when they get home. Lucas thinks that rolling in the mud is the best thing in the world! All in all, they're wonderful, adding much joy and love to our lives. Everyone should have an Eskimo, or three!

Much love,

Johnny and Janine

Gizmo, Bing and Lucas enjoying their boat.