Our lovely Linda is a natural poser and photogenic beauty, who will make Rottweiller lovers swoon! Just over three years old, she joined our rescue recently, after spending some time at NYCACC. Linda was found as a city stray in Central Park, and was brought to the Manhattan Shelter, where her fearful behavior did not win her many friends.

When no bereaved owner came to claim Linda, we were delighted to invite Linda into our Connecticut rescue, and were pleased to see that her shelter fearfulness quickly resolved, despite the hormonal challenges she faced as she went into heat. Linda has adapted nicely to the dramatic changes in her life, has shown us her best self. She has a vivavious personality, and is a total "people pleaser." She is extremely loving and affectionate. Keeping in mind that Rottweillers are strong, powerful dogs, we'd like Linda's adopters to have a good deal of large rescue dog experience, as well as some physical strength to provide her with the leadership she needs.

Linda is a moderately energetic dog that needs sufficient exercise to get her yayas out. She will keep pace with her handler, during a walk or hike, but then will settle down for a nap on the fire. Besides daily walks, Linda should be put through a daily obedience routine that challenges her mind as well. Linda is the kind of dog that needs both mental and physical challenges. She has responded extremely well to basic obedience training, and has mastered her basic commands. She enjoys her training sessions. and has passed most of the Canine Good Citizen Tests. In the hands of motivated adopters, this magnificent beauty will be a superstar.

Linda is a friendly girl, and would do well in an active adult home, prepared for the rigors of managing a powerful adult dog. She seems to like people, and tends to greet strangers calmly, although, we think that she could easily overwhelm small children. She has tested well with other dogs, and would thrive in a multi-dog home, with other aspiring Canine Good Citizens.

Linda has good house manners and is house trained and crate trained. Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during Linda's transition to a new home. She is in excellent health, and has been spayed. She has had routine vaccinations and health screenings, and has been dewormed, and microchipped. If you are interested in Linda, please write to Denise at Angelsfrgod@aol.com or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

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