One of the saddest things we see as a rescue is an older dog displaced when a beloved owner becomes disabled or infirm. That is the very situation in which Lassie and Laddie find themselves. These beautiful Shelties were surrendered to us recently after their elderly owner went into a nursing home.

We were made aware of Lassie and Laddie's immediate need by our vet, who has treated them for years. They have had exlemplary vet care, and have been well cared for and deeply loved. We have access to vet history going back many years.

When a dog is treated so well, they seem happy and well adjusted, although these beautiful furkids are perplexed at their abrupt change in circumstances. Nonetheless, they have remained good natured, and have adapted nicely to a busy foster home. They have delightful, calm and gentle temperaments that could blend in nicely to any home or lifestyle.

We'd like to place Lassie and Laddie together, since they have been life long companions. They are older dogs that are well past the puppy destructive phase and have excellent house manners, and are house trained. They get along well with other dogs, and possibly cats. They would add alot of love and light to the any household.

Laddie and Laddie are purebred Shetland Sheepdogs, who have the breed standard thick coats and elongated muzzles. Laddie is a sable and cream ten year old male, and weighs 32 pounds. Lassie is a 7 year old female, weighing 35 pounds, with slightly darker colors. Their lustrous coats reflect years of loving care and healthy diet. Slightly overweight, Lassie and Laddie would benefit from a modest weight loss.



Shelties seem to be one of the working breeds that is more adaptable to a domesticated family lifestyle. Lassie and Laddie have the friendly and outgoing temperaments that is described in the breed standard. They seem relaxed and easy going, and willing to please their special people. They could be a great addition to a busy family, or, could thrive in a home with active adults. This handsome pair would be a great companion for active seniors or first time dog owners.

Despite their active, working dog DNA, Lassie and Laddie seem calm and quiet, and would be ideal for apartment life that requires leash walking. They would also thrive in a suburban or country environment where they have room to run. They are affectionate, go-with-the-flow companions, who are active, yet know when to take a timely nap.

Lassie and Laddie are in good health, and are neutered. They have received routine vaccinations and health screenings, and have been dewormed. If you are interested in our Sheltie duo, please write to Angelsfrgod@aol.com or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

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