Joey was a former resident of the Brooklyn Center For Animal Care and Control. He was reported by shelter workers to be a real doll, but had yet to be adopted through their program. So, I drove down to spring Joey, and en route, picked up Ann Harris, because the Brooklyn CACC is no piece of cake drive....and is situated in what is known to be the "worst neighborhood in New York." Although, I don't know what help Ann would be if we were to get carjacked or worse, but at least she would be on hand to get photos of it for our website. And besides, there is nobody more fun to do rescue with than Ann....she brings all the supplies. And so, we snaked our way through the Brooklyn traffic, clinging to every word written on Ann's Mapquest directions....which is no doubt why we almost ended up in Staten Island.

Finally we found ourselves in the company of one of the cutest and most colorful Eskie characters. Well, actually, the "color" was pee, but Joey cleaned up nicely. Joey drove home to Massachusetts with the Angels from God and visited with us briefly before taking up temporary residence with our new foster mom, Judy Fahey and kids, Eric and Kevin. Joey was a big hit at the Fahey household, and it nearly took dynamite to get him out of there...such is the power of Eskie charm.

Joey was fortunate to have Joe and Giovanna Perles snap him up. These folks had adopted our Isis, who...can I just say...was one of our biggest challenges!!! And, when adopters can do so well with a diva like Isis, and come to us for a second dog....they jump to the top of our "A" list! But, we wanted to be sure that adding a new dog to the mix would not jeopardize any progress that Isis had made. Except the funny thing was that Miss Isis had not acted up since she was technically, her "progress" was not in jeopardy.

The lovely Miss Isis. Check out her story.

Joey meets Giovanna and Joe.

It was a miserable, stormy night when I met Giovanna and Joe to introduce them to Joey, and he charmed them right away. He has settled in beautifully and is respectfully deferring to the Grand Duchess Isis. Here is Joe's report:

October 30, 1993

Hello Denise,

Joey is just fine he has really become a part of the family, he a real watch dog-- maybe a little too much of a watch dog. Any little sound out side and he takes off flying and barking and barking, it takes quite a while to calm him down. He has more energy than he knows what to do with. But Miss Isis is still the boss--for all the energy he has, she puts him in his place real quick. All in all Joey is a lot of fun and we do love him, although when we come home and find a magazine torn to shreds my wife is ready to send him back to you. But I'm certain that won't happen lol.


Joey and Isis

Here is a picture of Joey guarding his window--he loves this window.