Our Isis was a real spitfire. A real tempermental beauty! Her owner made moving plans that did not include her and then called -- not the SPCA -- but Poughkeepsie Animal Control to take her. Thanks to the Animal Control Officers Dana and Kathleen, who contacted us, we agreed to take this two year old beauty into our rescue.

I made plans to drive from Boston to Poughkeepsie to pick up Isis from the vet where the Animal Control folks had her boarded...and she was not particularly happy to see me. But, I figured that she would warm up on the road...and we had a long drive to Manhattan. I had left the Angels From God home because I had a human passenger who was not used to big car rides with multiple dogs.

I was scheduled to meet Diane Gonzalez in Manhattan -- for lunch -- but first had to stop in at Samantha Chan's to pick up Frosty. Isis was not particularly happy to see Frosty, and she was not warming up as we had expected. Diane had agreed to foster these two dogs for me, and I was beginning to worry a bit about the Isis factor.

Isis didn't like Frosty(above)...but then she really didn't seem to like anyone.

By the time we rolled into Manhattan, the Isis situation had not improved itself, and I was still not able to get near her to put on a choke chain and proper leash. And so, my friend Zach and I went into the Blue Moon Cafe to meet Diane and Willie Gonzalez for lunch...and I reported to Diane that the news was NOT good.

Well...Diane is the take charge type, and her hubby is always on the "need to know" basis when it comes to rescue ...and she decided that Willie did not "need to know" any bad news, so we left Zach and Willie gleefully jabbering over nachos and beer while we went out to the car to persuade Isis to cooperate. Forty minutes later the spectacle concluded with Isis firmly ensconced in her crate in Diane's car....Diane, of course, had the common sense to bring a crate in the first place.

And so, Isis went off to Diane's house where she took up residence with Lovey Dovey...and for a short time, Diane had charge of the two most cantankerous female Eskies that we have ever the same time. Soon thereafter, we were contacted by Joe and Giovanna Perles of Pennsylvania, seasoned Eskie owners who were interested in adopting a female.

Well...nothing ventured, nothing gained, so we decided to show both these girls to the Perles' assuming that they were as well-behaved as they were going to get. And, so, Lovey Dovey bit Joe Perles, thereby making Isis look great by comparison and improving her chances of adoption. And, the most amazing thing happened.

Joe and Giovanna took to Isis immediately, and the feeling was apparently mutual. It was hard to believe that this was the same dog that Diane had to lasso out of her own puke in the back-seat of my car in Manhattan...but, then, Diane is really a miracle worker. The adoption went so well, that the Perles' came back to us for a second dog, and have since adopted our Joey.

Here is Joe's first report:

Hello Denise,

Isis is doing great... she seems very happy here, and we are happy to have her. She has met almost the whole family including the other dogs and has accepted every thing very well. She loves to be petted and likes to sit in someone's lap or next to someone, and she loves the bed! I hope to talk my wife into adopting a second one, I will let you know. Also have to mention Diane. She is incredible for what she has done for me and these dogs, can't thank her enough. Here are some pictures of Isis.
Again thank you so much,