We are Chihuanua crazy these days, and we are thrilled to have these two handsome brothers, Jasper and Kane, in our Rescue. Just four years old, these classic Chihuahua gents were surrendered by an owner whose failing health prevented her from tending to their needs. Unfortunately, she chose the high kill NYCACC as their respite, where they were likely to become ill and face euthanasia.

Often owner-surrender dogs have a tough time in the shelter because losing their homes is just too much of a shock. Jasper and Kane definitely showed fearful behavior in the chaotic shelter environment, and we were asked to take them into our rescue, so that we could give them space to unwind and reveal their true colors. Once the dust settled, these boys came out of their shells right away and were easily handled by everyone.


Although Jasper and Kane were brought up together, we have socialized them with other dogs, so they can be adopted separately. Of course, they also could be adopted together, to folks who would like a pair of compatible dogs. They are excellent companion dogs, and are affectionate with adults and possibly older kids, who have been taught to handle small dogs respectfully. Toddlers may be too overwhelming for them. They could easily join a multi-dog home; we would prefer that the boys have canine companionship, because they seem to enjoy canine comraderie. We think they would do well in a feline household, as well.

Chihuahua lovers will find these two boys true to the breed standard. As mighty PeeWees, they are high energy scamps, with plucky senses of humor. Our Chihuahua brothers can be a little stubborn in obedience training, Kane, perhaps more so than Jasper, but with patience they will come along nicely, and certainly would excell in basic obedience. They have playful, outgoing temperaments, are good natured, once they relax and feel comfortable with folks.


Jasper and Kane are classic Apple Head Chihuahuas, although they are tall, and have extremely long legs and very thin features. Kane is slightly taller and weighs 7.5 pounds, while Jasper is shorter and weighs 6.5. They came to us slightly thin, and now have reached healthy weights, and should maintain via healthy diet rich in quality protein and Omega fats.

Jasper and Kane are house trained and crate trained. They've also been wee-wee pad trained in case of inclement weather. Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during their transition to a new home. They are in optimal health, and have been recently neutered. They have been vaccinated for rabies, DHLPPC (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis parvo, parainfluenza and coronavirus), and canine flu. They have been boostered as needed. They have had the 4dx test, and is negative for heartworm, lyme, earlichia and anaplasmosis. They have been dewormed, and microchipped.

If you are interested in Jasper or Kane, please write to Denise@eskiesonline.com or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

Eskies Online is a 501(c)(3) Multibreed rescue group that serves unwanted American Eskimos and other dogs in need. Our group of volunteer foster homes spans the North East, and our adoption territory extends from Maine to eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and parts of northern Maryland. Once an adopter is approved, we arrange transportation. We do not adopt dogs beyond our territory. Please visit our website: www.eskiesonline.com for more information about our group and our adoption procedures.