What a miraculous story this is!. Dion (now transformed into Bianca) has an incredible spirit! She was dumped at the North Shore Animal League, in Long Island, New York, left on the steps with a broken neck. She was transfered to a local Long Island vet for evaluation, and the prognosis did not look good. Through the devoted care of a vet tech--Jamie-- Bianca began to show progress. After months of acupuncture treatments, Bianca began to regain her mobility. Now she is running, jumping and playing like a true Eskie!! The damage done was less than previously feared. Bianca is just about back to her old self. She made the trip from Long Island with Audra to meet Denise in New York, and then traveled the rest of the way to Massachusetts, in Toot's seat, which did not endear her to the Angels from God. Bianca was one of three houseguests during a week-long stay at Denise's in Massachusetts. Denise credits the Angels From God for bringng Bianca out of her shell. They annoyed her out of her timidity. And during that week, the perfect, loving home turned up for Bianca. Mike Morency and Audrey Colt had adopted Beau (see Beau's Story) from us earlier in the year. Beau had come such a long way, and they were ready to add another Eskie to their family! Because Beau was so attached to Mike, Audrey wanted a little cuddle bunnie of her own. Bianca was the perfect match. Mike, Audrey and Beau visited Bianca twice, and then picked her up last Saturday. What a wonderful home this lucky little girl has -- and an Eskie brother to boot! Audrey is thrilled with her little girl -- and reports that Bianca loves to run and play on the beach, with her big, big brother Beau! Here is our first update from them:

Hi Denise,

Audrey told me that your digital pictures did not turn out, and she asked that I forward you some of ours. So I have attached one of Beau that we took in Canada during the holidays, and one that you took on Saturday. As Audrey told you, Beau has been the near perfect gentleman. He was letting Bianca win some of the races to the Frisbee on Sunday, and even tolerated her when she was chewing his favorite peanut butter flavored rawhide bone. That little boy just keeps on amazing me. He did come to both of us separately (several times) looking for reassurance that we still love him. Once reassured, he demonstrated a lot of patience for his little sister. She is quickly settling in, and is following Audrey like a shadow. And geez, can she run... When in the yard or out walking on the beach, she keeps up step for step with big brother. She has a lot of spunk. We will keep giving you updates.