Beau was .....shall we say....more than a handful? He is an extraordinary Eskie, exhuberant and full of life, and at the time we met him, slightly bereft of manners! Beau was rescued by Chuck Bruno from one of the South Shore MSPCA shelters. Beau took to Chuck right away. However, he did not appreciate the male inhabitants of his foster home and got booted out because he nipped at one of the gentleman in the household. So, we were at a loss, and felt that Beau needed a dose of training bootcamp before we placed him. Luckily, we had recently enlisted the help of Kim Seiter, of New Jersey, who is a seasoned trainer, experienced in the rigors of training tough rescue dogs. Chuck and Denise drove Beau out to bootcamp, and later that day, Kim emailed us this photo of Beau and gang .....actually sitting still in one place.

We promoted Kim to Goddess of the Universe immediately! After two weeks of bootcamp, Beau had made amazing progress. Kim felt that he was ready for adoption. And... we had the right home waiting for him. Michael Morency had just purchased a new home in Nahant, Massachusetts, and was ready to be a first time dog owner. We thought that Beau would fit the bill. Although the going was tough at first--Michael made several panicked calls to Kim for advice--Beau settled in nicely and is doing well. We look forward to hearing from Michael and Beau soon!

update 2/6/2001--

Michael and Audrey become two-time Heart Bandits adoptors when they welcomed Bianca into their family this week. And Beau is very happy to have a sister! Here is Beau posing for a holiday photo. And be sure to read about how Bianca came to be part of the Morency/Colt family.