We are Hound crazy these days, and Diana is our latest Beagle Beauty to grace our Rescue. At the age of eight, Diana was surrendered by lackluster owners to NYCACC, without much reason given.  She looked as though she had had several litters of pups, and it seemed to us that Diana had a new batch of buns in the oven. 

We waited breathlessly for our Vet to confirm Diana's state of motherhood, but alas, she was in the throes of a false pregnancy that put a two month delay in our spay plans, while we waited for her mammary glands to dry up. 

This lovely lady navigated the rescue process with ease, and while she seems shy at first, she opens up easily once the human love starts flowing. She is extremely affectionate, and would make an outstanding family dog. She loves people and could easily live happily with older kids. Her gentle, loving nature is on full display. She definitely wears her heart on her sleeve. 

Diana is a medium sized dog at 34 pounds. She is active, but does not have an over-the-top energy level. She requires a couple of leisurely daily walks, but then is content to rest or take a nap. She would do well in a family setting, or with a single, or retired folks.  Diana will be happy as long as she is loved. 

Diana gets along with most dogs, but dislikes those with an overly pushy personality. If another dog throws down the gauntlet, Diana will give as good as she gets, and then she holds a grudge. She could join a multi-dog home with another laid back, calm dog, but she will not make nice with scrappers. 

Diana has good house manners, and is house trained and crate trained.  Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during her transition to a new home. She has been spayed, and has received routine vaccinations and health screenings.

If you are interested in Diana, please write to Angelsfrgod@aol.com or call or text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

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