Our Circles gives the impression of shyness at first, but warms quickly to a gentle touch. He must have quite the tale to tell, after having paid his dues as a big city stray. Circles came to us via our contacts at NYCACC, where he was passed over for adoption during his short window of opportunity. Nonetheless he made friends and admirers of Shelter and Vet staff.

Circles appears to be a handsome mix of Australian Cattle Dog and yellow Labrador Retriever. He has the physique and color of a yellow Lab, and the speckled markings of the Cattle Dog. Weighing 57 pounds, Circles has a solid, muscular build, and yet is easy to handle on lead. As a combination herder and retriever, Circles loves the outdoors, and has a hardwired work ethic that needs to be channeled through exercise and obedience work.

Circles sometimes seems unsure of his place in the world, and needs to join a home with a strong pack leader, willing to provide the necessary structure that he needs to thrive.  He seems subdued, and intimidated at times, and is not a good candidate for a home with small children, or a busy home with a lot of strangers coming and going.

Circles would thrive in an adult home, with patient folks were willing to troubleshoot some stranger danger issues. He would be the ideal walking or running companion for an active single or couple. He loves the outdoors, and is greatly suited to a slow-paced country lifestyle.  He can keep brisk pace on a hike, and longs to make a one-to-one connection with a strong human personality.  Circles could easily join a multi-dog home with another well-trained, calm dog, but cats are a definite no-go.


Circles has progressed nicely in his basic obedience training. We've worked with him for quite a while on food and resource guarding, and he has improved greatly. Still, it's best to leave Circles alone while eating, and to feed him separately from any other dogs. The obedience work serves him as a job, he takes pride in it, and performs the commands beautifully, either for praise or treats.  Obedience training is key to the providing the working breeds with the purpose and focus that they need to live happily in a domestic lifestyle.


Circles has good house manners and is house trained and crate trained. Adopters should have appropriate patience, and expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during Circles' transition to a new home. He is in excellent health, and is at an ideal lean body weight. He has been neutered, and has been vaccinated for Rabies, DHLPPC (distemper, hepatitis, leptosporosis, parvo, parainfluenza, coronavirus), and Canine Flu. He has been boostered as needed, and has had the 4dx test: negative for heartworm, lyme, earlichia and anaplasmosis. He has been dewormed, and microchipped. If you are interested in Circles, please write to Denise@eskiesonline.com or call Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

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