Carmella was in our foster care system for some time. She was valiantly rescued by one of our most ardent volunteers, Kevin Lewis, of Staten Island, New York. During a personnel change at the Center for Animal Care and Control in Manhattan, Carmella was sentenced to euthanasia by one of their newer employees who is reluctant to work with rescue. In the spirit of, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil," Kevin barraged the CACC with angry phone calls, until he finally got someone to listen to him. Carmella was spared on the condition that he pick her up at 7:00 am the following morning. And so, at 6:00 am the next morning, Kevin took the Staten Island Ferry and then the subway to upper Manhattan, to spring Miss Carmella. He put her in a crate and took her home the same route, via Subway! Our first ever Heart Bandits subway rescue....hey...what ever works!!

Kevin was amazed at how sweet Carmella was, and he took her to Domino's Pizza for her first taste of freedom in a while. Carmella was terribly underweight, and was suffering from malnutrition: the outline of her ribcage was visable and her fur was falling out and dry. She spent several months with Kevin, unsuccessfully negotiating her share of the food with Kevin's Border Collies! After a while, we moved her to Chuck Bruno's home where we could work on fattening her up.

Finally, the right home presented itself for Carmella. Jean Corvese, of Rhode Island stepped forward and adopted this special girl. Chuck and Denise brought Carmella to meet Jean and her ten year old female Eskie at their home. The meeting went very well.


Denise fed Carmella quite a bit of cheese and crackers directly from the table, which irked Nadia and Tara no end, since both these girls are on a low fat diet! Carmella seemed so at home; and Jean and her husband, are committed to helping her put on some weight! We are anxiously awaiting an update!


Here is an update: June 2001:

Here are a few words from Carmella,

My mother says I smile all the time, even more than Sasha. Sasha has been here for 11 years, since she was a puppy and has had a very comfortable life. She doesn't know what it's like to be homeless. It's the scariest thing in the world. My mother tells me I am so greatful. Our warm home, plenty of food and, oh, the hugs and kisses. I waited 8 years for my forever home; I try to show how greatful I am each and every day.

You could help an older dog like me. We have so many years of love and affection to give. Please consider an older dog when adopting your new friend.

With all my love,


Above: Sasha and Carmella now.

Left: Carmella and Sasha, three weeks after Carmella arrived in her new home.

Carmella shows off her full, healthy coat.

More news!

Jean, Carmella and Sasha began fostering Heart Bandits Eskies in May. Zena, their first foster guest was just adopted, along with Simba, by a wonderful couple in Rhode Island. Read their story by clicking on Zena's picture (top).

Now, a new rescue Eskie has permanently joined the family. Carmella, Sasha and Jean have adopted Annabelle. Her story will appear here soon.