Our adorable Buttercup is a stalwart little soul. At the age of nine, this pint sized, 6 pound Chihuahua arrived at NYCACC unable to walk. She has a harrowing story to tell and she has a right to be pretty peeved about it! Buttercup seems to be the victim of human abuse, having been kicked in the pelvis so hard, that it shattered. She was lucky that her pelvic girdle fractured in a way that did not require surgery. We were challenged by out Vet to keep this peppy cutie quiet and calm for the duration of her two month R & R.

After a few months, and a lot of calcium supplements later, Buttercup is a force of nature, skedaddling into the midst of everybody's business. She is an affectionate and nosy little girl, and loves to be in the thick of the action.

And yet we sense that our busy foster home is not the ideal lifestyle for Buttercup, who at times seems over-stimulated and inclined to make a fuss about another dog in her food bowl. We think that she would prefer a quieter home, with patient adults who understand how to slowly build a lasting bond, and repair trust with a broken rescue dog. She needs a special type of adopter, who can really wrap their mind around healing a traumatized rescue dog. Buttercup may not give a Disney moment at the adoption, but her folks will be rewarded with slow and steady progress, as she grows to trust.

We don't think that Buttercup is suitable for a busy family with small children, or a hectic multi-dog home. She seems to respond best to peace and quiet. She will become a great lap companion to a calm, laidback single, couple or senior once she's been allowed the opportunity to warm up on her own. Buttercup is very affectionate, but is sometimes tentative with strangers. She could live peacefully with one other small, calm dog, and we think she would be a good companion for a dog savvy cat.

Buttercup has good house manners, and is house trained and crate trained. Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during Buttercup's transition to a new home. She is in excellent health, and is at an ideal lean body weight of 6 pounds. She has been spayed, and has had a complete dental. Buttercup's pre-op blood work was normal except for low thyroid, and she is on a daily supplement. She tolerated anesthesia well and appears to be in great health.

Buttercup has been vaccinated for Rabies, DHLPPC (distemper, hepatitus, leptospirosis, parvo, parainfluenza, coronavirus), and Canine Flu. She has been boostered as needed. She has had the 4dx test: negative for heartworm, lyme, earlichia and anaplasmosis. She has been dewormed, and and is on preventatives for Heartworm and Flea/Tick. If you are interested in Buttercup, please write to Denise@eskiesonline.com or call Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

Eskies Online is a 501(c)(3) Multibreed rescue group that serves unwanted American Eskimos and other dogs in need. Our group of volunteer foster homes spans the North East, and our adoption territory extends from Maine to eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and parts of northern Maryland. Once an adopter is approved, we arrange transportation. We do not adopt dogs beyond our territory. Please visit our website: www.eskiesonline.com for more information about our group and our adoption procedures.