Well, if I 've heard this once, I've heard it a million times...."We're pregnant, and the dog has to go." This seems to be the number one reason why owners surrender their dogs. And, so was the case with Miss Brittany. At 5 years old, Brittany was used to being the Grand Dame in the house, and she had screwed up by taking a nip out of the expectant couple's two year old niece. Alas, another Eskie explodes the "Lassie" myth.

Thus began Brittany's new life. Now, if I were a dog, and I had the choice between putting up with a poopy newborn destined to become a terrible toddler or life at Cindy Halliday's spread in the Maine bags would be packed. Brittany's first stop was at Diane Gonzalez's house in New Jersey, where she spent a couple of weeks ingratiating herself into Diane's heart. Henceforth, she was referred to as "My Brittany," that proprietary title that Diane gives to her fosters. It is worth noting that even the four year old, James Gonzalez, could not annoy Brittany enough to get himself nipped.

Cindy with Ollie...whose adoption story will be coming soon.

And so, Diane and I thought of Cindy Halliday as Brittany's new mom. Cindy had already adopted a beautiful and sweet boy, Kody/Ollie, from us and was just sucker enough to go for two. After all, what self respecting person would limit themselves to just one Eskie???

Sure enough, Cindy could not wait to meet Brittany. And so, Diane and I met at our usual spot -- The Boat Basin Cafe -- in Manhattan -- the only restaurant I know of that welcomes you with a half dozen Eskies. And, it is a favorite with the Angels From God -- even Toot is improving her people skills. She is learning that you don't nip people who bring Mom food and wine. I was delighted to meet Brittany -- and the Angels From God seemed to like her....until she planted her chunky butt in the front seat of the car for the ride home to Massachusetts. I don't understand why no dog will ride in the back seat. All five crowded themselves into the front seat, and onto the passenger side floor -- on the pillows provided for their comfort. When I buy my next car.....I am going for a two seater Mazda Miata, and save about 10 grand.

The Boat Basic Cafe in Manhattan's Riverside Park...a great place to dine with your Eskies.

Our next step was to introduce Brittany to Cindy and her boy, Ollie. By this time, I had a routine down with Cindy. The deafening barking announces my arrival and Cindy comes out to help me out of the car with my pack. The AFGs and Irma La Deuce are in love with their Aunt Cindy -- especially since she entertains with wine, fattening food and gives presents....Irma is sporting her new pair of leopard pajamas, compliments of her Aunt Cindy, who can't stand to see Irma shiver.

Our reports from Cindy have been wonderful. Brittany has been re-christened, "Sweet Brie," and has settled into her forever home. And, she has lived up to her name, although, she could manage to be a bit "sweeter" at the vet's office. Sweet Brie and and Ollie adore each other, and she has been steadily dropping weight during her hikes around the neighborhood. And, Cindy and the gang have been successfully recruited into foster care....and have played gracious hosts to Dinah, Kemo and Shy. (Well if the truth be told, Sweet Brie could have lived without the visit from Miss Dinah). What a life these dogs have.....geez, I am ready to move in with my pack!

Here is Cindy's version of the story:

Brittany came to her forever home in Kittery, Maine, not long after Ollie. Brittany (now Sweet Brie) is HUGE. She weighed in at about 40 pounds and has very bad teeth due to lack of attention and exercise. Sweet Brie, named after the full fat white cheese, is progressing nicely. Her teeth are clearing up although she will be going to the dentist soon.

She is taking longer to settle in, she's about 80% "there" as she was confused about why she was evicted from the only home she had known for four plus years. She didn't do anything wrong - her previous humans decided she couldn't stay "just because". She and Ollie get along beautifully - she is extremely patient while he knaws on her feet, legs and ears. We take a mile long walk almost everyday. Right now we go at her pace until she is fit and can keep up with Ollie's fast trot. She's trimming down nicely with top quality dog food only, lots of hugs and the exercise. The vet's want her at 28-30 pounds.

Sweet Brie is the BEST hugger but still needs reassurance she is loved and wanted when I come home. That's easy to do! Brie is more conniving than Ollie - she'll test the house rule limits knowing perfectly well I'll not approve of her antics... but that's an Eskie for you. She also growls at my seven pound cat when the cat enters "her" room but no dog ever intimidated my miniature Maine Coon cat. If you want a real challenge get a female, calico Coon cat as they make Eskies look like timid mice!

Denise can fill you in about the Angels From God (and Irma LaDeuce, who FARTED at my dinner table) about visiting my clan - I really need a video camera for that. Denise can also explain about me getting suckered in to fostering Dinah, Kemo, and Shy. I think Denise is OK about her choice of forever homes for Ollie and Sweet Brie.

I'm so grateful to have Ollie and Sweet Brie in my life after years of not having a dog. My work schedule didn't allow for dogs for years but now that I'm retiring, the life style is perfect. I am crazy, nuts in love with this breed but two is ENOUGH Denise!