Few things wound us as deeply as the sight of a magnificent and powerful dog, diminished by happenstance events. Our beautiful Belgian Malinois, Bobby, was a COVID puppy, purchased by his family right before the country went into lockdown.

During this dark time, Bobby's family had little opportunity to socialize him, or provide adequate training or exercise. He grew into a large adult dog, who seemed shy and uncertain of his surroundings.

As COVID lifted and life returned to normal, Bobby's family abandoned him to NYCACC, where he had a jarring reaction to shelter life. He was redirected to our Connecticut Rescue here so that we could help Bobby adapt better to new people and surroundings.

Now four years old, Bobby has blossomed into a loving, affectionate boy who craves gentle human touch. He needs a calm and patient adopter, who will give him time to warm up.

Bobby is typical Belgian Malinios, and has the classic tan, short coat with a black muzzle and saddle bag markings. He is a large, powerful dog at 100 pounds and we recommend that he maintain a lean physique for optimal health.

Bobby is an amazing dog, who exhibits the loyal, protective and extremely intelligent nature that is characteristic of the breed. He is a dog who needs sufficient exercise and mental stimulation to feel at peace with the world. He would be the ideal companion for an active, dog savvy single or couple who have had experience handling large breed dogs. He's not a good candidate for a family dog: frantic young children and cats might try his patience. The best fit for Bobby would be an active home, as an only dog, or with another well trained dog, with folks who love to spend time outdoors.

Bobby has responded beautifully to his training regimen, and he seems to find great comfort and purpose in the work. He now knows all his obedience commands. He heels nicely and pays close attention to his handler, looking for direction. Bobby loves the training regimen, and can easily thrive, in the hands of motivated adopters.

Bobby has good house manners, and is house trained and crate trained. Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during his transition to a new home.

Bobby is in excellent health, and is neutered and up to date on routine vaccinations and health screenings. If you are interested in Bobby, please write to Angelsfrmgod@gmail.com or call/text Denise at cell: 860-908-9738 for an adoption application.

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