Our darling Bentley is one-third of a Long Hair Chihuahua 3-pack that recently came to our Rescue. After their owner suffered a debilitating injury, she no longer could care for Bentley and his brothers.  This tiny Chihuahua family has been raised with great love, and it shows in their sweet personalities. 

Although these delightful dogs are brothers, and have lived their lives together, they are not overly dependent on each other. We have been able to socialize them with other dogs, so they can be adopted separately. 

Four years old, Bentley is the largest of pack at 11 pounds, but is a bit chubby. His ideal weight is probably 10 pounds. He has a thick, fluffy tri-colored coat with handsome tuxedo markings on his chest. He has a stocky build, with the classic Chihuahua apple shaped head. 

Bentley seems to be the ring leader of the pack, and has the boldest personality. He is curious, but  not at all reactive to new people or novel situations. He has real lap dog potential, and has shown himself to be an amiable, affectionate fellow, who craves human attention.  He is as friendly as can be with folks he knows, as well as strangers.  

Bentley is a family friendly little guy, and could do well with older children, who have been taught to respect small animals. He could also join an active adult home, with adopters who enjoy a little tag along buddy on their adventures. Bentley is an energetic boy, and still has a bit of his puppy mojo. He needs at least a couple of brisk leash walks each day, as well as focused playtime to meet his mental and physical needs.

Bentley could easily join a multi-dog home with other small dogs. He has co-existed nicely with the unruly gaggle of Min Pins and Chihuahuas in his foster home.  He would probably be fine with cats. 

Bentley is house trained and crate trained.  Adopters should expect to troubleshoot the occasional accident that will inevitably occur during his transition to a new home.  He is in optimal health, and has been neutered.  He has received routine vaccinations and a negative 4dx test. He has been dewormed, and has been on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. 

If you are interested in Bentley, please write to Denise at Angelsfrgod@aol.com or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

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