Princess and her brother Prince...straight out of the shelter in the big city...



Beautiful little Bellah is a very lucky girl, indeed. She and her brother--Princess and Prince--were dumped by their owners at the Brooklyn Center for Animal Care and Control. I was called by our friend Martha from the CACC and embarked immediately on a roadtrip to meet these gorgeous furkids. My friend Judy Fahey and I scooped up these beauties--along with Poland--for the long, long trek back to Boston.

After a short time in foster care, I was contacted by Cass Koenen of Cape Cod, who was anxious to adopt an Eskie girl. So Cass came over the meet Princess, and the magic was just there. It would be really hard not to love this little cutie. And so, Cass went home with her little girl, whom she promptly gave a more suitable name, Bellah! And the news has been great from then on. Here is what Cass has to say:

Hi Denise,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and a few more pictures of Bellah.

Things are going really well. Bellah is a very sweet, fun-loving dog who has made friends with everyone. The cats are still not thrilled about her presence - but even that is starting to take a turn. We had a great summer with lot's of walks and tearing around the backyard. Her favorite thing to do is run around the backyard with a water jug in her mouth - it's really quite the thing to see.

Anyway, hope that you and all the other Eskies are doing well.

Take care,

Update, December 2004

Hi Denise,

I realised that it has been a while since I've updated you on Bellah so here goes.

I can't believe that it's been three years since she came into my life! She is such a joy to have and has added a lot of life to the house.

She steals the heart of almost everyone who meets her and is a great ambassador for the Eskie breed. She has embarked on quite a love-affair with my parents, especially my dad. No one else is remotely interesting to her once Dad comes to visit...I think the daily trips to Dunkin Donuts might have something to do with it. Bellah also has her own social life, often going for sleepovers at her Auntie Darlene's where she spends much of her time patroling the grounds for squirrels and chimpmunks.

Bellah still comes to work everyday and annouces her arrival every morning with great verve as her four-legged friends Jackson, a jack russel and Tucker, a golden retriever come to greet her.

She makes me laugh everyday and I can't imagine life without her.

I'm sending along some recent photos.

Hope you are well and that the organisation is continuing to be successful.

Take care,
Cassandra Koenen