Our Arizona is a very special boy. He is a Virginia born, shy Southern Gentleman, who came to us from another rescue group. Arizona had been found as a stray, and was in pretty rough shape, when the local Animal Control officers brought him to the town pound. He had no chance of adoption in this rural area, so we were asked to help him decompress and acclimate to a new lifestyle.

Arizona joined our country bumpkin rescue last year and has made tremendous progress. Shy, timid dogs need alot of patient handling to build their confidence and connection to people. We think Arizona will thrive with a rescue-savvy adult adopter, who has the patience to allow him time to warm up without alot of expectations. Arizona will not give that instant Disney moment at the adoption meeting, but the right person will take a leap of faith, and will be rewarded many times over with baby steps toward blissful progress.

We were thrilled to have Arizona join us, but upon arrival, it seemed that we were way more happy to meet him, than Arizona was to meet us. He was terrified and completely shut down. It took a few days for him to relax and relate to handlers, but, slowly he began to warm up. In a short while, Arizona became loving and affectionate, but still became nervous around new situations. Our mission was to give this sweet boy so many positive experiences, that he could enjoy life again.

Arizona has come around beautifully, through patient human touch and social integration with more confident dogs. He can be a bit shy when encountering new people and situations, but his tendency is to back away, rather than respond with fearful aggression. Continued gentle handling, and strong leadership, will allow Arizona to experience the wonders of the world in a positive manner.

Arizona appears to be a Terrier mix, most likely Norwich and Yorkshire breeds. He is a small dog, at just 15 pounds, and is easy to manage on lead. His soft, wiry coat is minimal shedding, and easy to maintain. He may need grooming a few times a year.

Arizona has become an affectionate sweetheart, who has completely charmed his foster mom. He has done well with other dogs, so Arizona would be a good fit for a multi-dog home with other balanced and well-trained dogs to guide him, and to help build confidence. He has also lived well with cats. Arizona is behind the learning curve on basic manners and obedience commands, but he is extremely eager to please, and a joy to train.

Arizona has begun to learn the basics of the AKC Canine Good Citizenship program, and we recommend that adopters continue him on this path to build his confidence. He is a medium energy pup, who needs a couple of brisk leash walks, as well as focussed playtime, to meet his exercise needs.

Arizona has good house manners, for an older pup, and is housetrained and crate trained. Adopters should be prepared to troubleshoot the occasional accident that may occur as he transitions to his new routine. Arizona is neutered, and has had routine vaccinations and health screenings. Our Vet has cleared him for adoption. If you are interested in Arizona, please write to Denise@eskiesonline.com or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for more info.

We are an active, 501(c)(3), multi-breed dog rescue, local to the North East, situated in Canterbury, Connecticut. Our 21 year history is reflected in our website EskiesOnline.com, and on our Facebook page: Eskies Online.