German Shepherd lovers will swoon at the elegant good looks of our majestic boy, Almond. Just three years old, Almond found himself to be another homeless city stray, scrounging for quite a while before Animal Control Officers were able to coax him to safety and shelter. He arrived at NYCACC in an emaciated state and was rerouted to us so that we could administer some nutritional rehabilitation and find his forever home.

Almond has settled into foster care nicely, and we have enjoyed watching his outgoing personality unfold. He loves people and is generally friendly to strangers. He would be the ideal K9 companion to an active single or couple, who have large dog or Shepherd experience. Powerful breeds like German Shepherds, that have a work ethic hardwired into their DNA, require purposeful lifestyles that challenge their mental and physical faculties. They also need a strong leader to teach them Canine Good Citizenship.

Almond has been a Training Superstar and has passed most of his CGC test. He is both food and praise motivated, and benefits mentally and physically from his ongoing training sessions. Adopters should be prepared to continue our work.

Almond is typical German Shepherd, and has the classic brown and black short coat with saddle bag markings. He is petite for the breed standard. After a 10 pound weight gain, Almond has filled out nicely to 70 pounds. He could easily carry another 10 pounds of muscle, through healthy diet and exercise.

Almond is an amazing dog, who exhibits the loyal, protective and extremely intelligent nature that is characteristic of the breed. He is in excellent health, has been neutered, and has received routine vaccinations and health screenings. He has been dewormed, microchipped.

If you are interested in Almond, please write to Angelsfrgod@aol.com, or call/text Denise at 860-908-9738 for an adoption application.

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