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Wolfie is a very lucky Eskie. He now shares a Greenwich Village townhouse with a wonderful family, including his new best friend, Natalie. Found as a stray wandering the streets of New York City, Wolfie spent a short time at Manhattan's Center for Animal Care and Control. He was released to Heart Bandits and made the journey to a very crowded foster home on Staten Island. With all the energy of a one year old, this beautiful boy, who appears to be a mix with a Siberian Husky or German Shepherd, quickly showed that he could get along with the many other dogs, as well as cats, in his foster home. And he loves people. The reports so far about Wolfie in his new home have been very good. Here is the latest update from Natalie. We hope to have new pictures soon.


"We find Wolfie to be a wonderful addition to our pack!  His bright, curious and loving gestures bring all of us smiles.  This weekend we took him upstate New York so that he could play and run wild in the snow.  My legs are sore from running him by the river and playing with him in the backyard, but I think I have as much fun as he does.  Wolfie follows me everywhere around the house and late at night he is my homework helper and my cuddle bunnie.  We do not leave him anywhere alone because he seems to be very scared of being abandoned.   We know that with time and love he will gain our trust."



      The latest news from Natalie and Wolfie---May 2001:   


Wolfie has now been a proud member of the family for five months.  His active spirit brings us all smiles.  He is constantly running, everywhere - down the stairs, around the table, doing flips and kicks every which way and then cuddling right up against our legs for a pant or two.  He is just finishing his first basic obedience course and will be starting the intermediate level next week, 12 more sessions.  You can bet that he is at the head of his class, and as his teacher says, "he looks so proud of himself."  He is indeed.

The Wolf has never seemed happier as he now goes off to explore the house on his own, is comfortable with more people (even though he is still my #1 companion), and has made a few puppy friends on his own.  His best puppy friend is his cousin Droopy (pictured).  They take frequent walks together, go to the dog run, and play in the backyard for hours.  Wolfie loves being outside.  He a sharp, impressive ball fetcher.  He will flip around in the air to catch a ball, and can spend hours running in big fields without gtting tired.  Well, maybe a little tired when it is 90 degrees as it just was yeserday.  Luckily though, he now loves playing in the water and will "stand" (that's a dog school command) as I hose him down with cool water so that he can continue playing in the hot sun.  Can't thank you enough for resucing Wolf. 

Love, Natalie and family