Our Winston was a trembling ball of jello when our New York volunteer, Samantha Chan, picked him up from his owners. Winston had been an outdoor dog (for the most part) because of all that Eskie hair. And, when he arrived at the Chan Eskie Spa, with over fifteen other houseguests, Winston hit the bricks and was not seen for about three days.

When Winston finally came out of hiding to investigate Samantha's free fed steamed chicken, Sam decided that he should be moved to a foster home with fewer dogs. So, we schlepped the darling boy to Diane and Willie Gonzalez. Winston glued himself to James Gonzalez, who at 3 years old, has become quite the savvy rescue veteran. And, Winston is one of the only Eskies we have had that actually PREFERS kids to grownups.

Winston did have a special attachment to Willie Gonzalez, and he could be found peeking out from between Willie's calves during the post-dinner dish washing ritual. The bond was a tight one, and we were wondering if Winston would make the transition to a new home. Diane was a bit miffed because Winston seemed to prefer Willie to her, but she made him her special project.....and Winston seemed to blossom in this loving foster home. Except when the Angels From God came to visit.....he could have lived without them, to be sure.

Winston felt safe with Willy Gonzalez.

After some time in foster care, Winston made amazing progress, and when Nancy Chaput called us from Connecticut, we knew that she and her nine year old son would be the perfect family for Winston. The meeting was wonderful....the house is magnificently set in a rural area with a beautiful creek in the back yard. After, we pried Winston out of the car, he made a wonderful impression on Nancy, and began to take over her house in no time.

Until the cats, Cinder and Ella showed up. Winston quickly took cover. But our first reports from Nancy are wonderful. Winston is settling in well and has really bonded with her son. He is going to be a regular cheerleader at the weekly soccer games, once the Chaputs can convince him to come out of the car.

Cinder and Ella are shocked by an Eskie intrusion!

Here is Nancy's first note...

Hi Denise,

Winston is adorable!! He is timid, but he really is bonding, making a connection with us - especially my son. Those Eskie eyes!! They're so communicative, so expressive! Yes, he is a bit cowardly(!) but in time, that puppy who was jumping around my living room with the tennis ball (pre-cat introduction) will relax and come out of his shell. He is just precious!

We are just completely taken with him. Thank you so much for driving Winston down yesterday. We are having a great time getting to know him. I'll keep you posted, and probably ask more questions.

Nancy Chaput