Tiny Wick was given directly to Heart Bandits by his owner, who no longer had time for him. He was kept in a crate most of the day because he was not housebroken and too hyper. He was adored by his first foster family, who only had him a few days so he could be seen by the vet. Before his picture even made it to the website, Eileen Negron from New Jersey was interested in this tiny little ball of fluff. When Audra drove him down for a visit, it was love at first sight for all involved. Wick was perfect for the stay-at-home mom, whose human children were all grown up. The birds Eileen rescued didnít quite fit the bill, forgive the pun. Within days, Wick was completely housebroken and not hyper at all. He was growing more comfortable as the days passed and allowing his new mommy to care for him as he always should have been cared for. It was a perfect match: Wick needed the love, and his new mom needed him to pamper and devote all her time and attention to. Her friend owns a grooming business, and, every week, Wick is brought in for the full treatment. Here is a report from Wick's new mom:


Hello, just want to thank you for the wonderful pictures of Wick. He's doing so well--I told you he's potty trained..which really didn't take long at all. But he also rolls over plays dead, sits, begs, dances in a circle and says cheese. He's learned to smile..and he loves to fetch his toys. Oh yeah, his new tricks are high five and shake hands. He's got a play mate since September-- a tiny Maltese, Snowball. Someone dumped him off at the grooming salon and never came back for him, so it worked out well. Wick got a buddy to play with, and now we have two babies to spoil. They love to romp around in the yard now that the weather is getting nice. I let them out to play when they scratch on the patio door. They're so smart..I can't tell you how much I love my pampered pooches. That's what the husband calls them. But he has them both sleeping on the bed with him. And they both have their own beds with their names on them. Wick's gained a lot of weight and has adjusted so well, it's as if he's been with us forever. He's such a good dog!


And he's even friends with the birds. I find it so hard to believe he could ever hurt another animal, he's so over- protective of the birds and Snowball. There's no way I could ever believe he would hurt anything...he's the most lovable baby. Our macaw Alex walks around and takes the dog's toys, and Wick will bring Alex more bones and toys to play with. He's wonderful , and he's bought so much Joy to us. He's a chubby cuddly baby who loves to be loved. I can't thank you enough for choosing us to be his parents.

And, yes, the cranky husband came around to love Wick just as much I do. He (my husband) actually just this week took both dogs to get fitted for their life jackets. He plans on taking them out on the boat joy riding this summer. And I have to send you some pictures of Wick in his Santa suit and hat from Christmas time and his New Year's Tux. He loves to dress up--well not so much so in the beginning but he got used to it...He's wonderful. He's gonna have his first big birthday party in September, and you'll be on his invitation list. And you'll be happy to know he no longer gets car sick. We even took both dogs with us to Cancun, Mexico, in Febuary, and neither one got sick. We had a great time! And since we live in Long Beach Island, Wick loves the beach. We take them both running on the beach. Now that the weather is getting warm, he loves to run on the beach. He has no fear of the water or waves. That's another reason he needed a life jacket--he scared me one day running into the water, barking at the waves. So now I let him run, but with a 30 foot leash and a life jacket, just in case he gets too brave. Besides he almost gave me a heart attack running into the water. And I know it was cold because I ran after him. Well just like a little kid, he can get into trouble, but he's also our pride and joy, and we love having him around....Hope all is well with you. I'm gonna go get some pictures on disk so I can e-mail them to you of him dressed up in all his different outfits...

Take Care

Eileen & Wick