Tommy was five years old when his owner dumped him at the Staten Island, New York, CACC shelter. Released to a Heart Bandits volunteer, Tommy proved to be quite clever while in his first foster home and managed to let himself out for a run around the neighborhood - twice! His foster dad was convinced that he was trying to go home. Tommy didn't understand why he couldn't do that. Despite this confusion and sadness, Tommy really warmed up to everyone he met. All it took was a little sweet talk and he would begin wagging his tail and lift his head--waiting for a scratch under his chin or behind his ears. He moved from Staten Island to Long Island to await a new family.

Finally, it happened. Steve, from Binghamton, New York, drove to a Poconos rendezvous to meet little Tommy. It was love at first sight. The love grew when Tommy arrived at his new home and met his new mom, Eve, human brother Ian and grandma. A few days later, DeAngelo got his new name and a permanent spot in his new family. We hope to hear more very soon.

DeAngelo and Ian, Christmas 2000--already DeAngelo's short clipped coat had grown long and fluffy.

We are happy to report that DeAngelo is doing fine with his family. He and his human brother Ian are having lots of fun enjoying the yard in their new house. The family reported that DeAngelo escaped the confines of their yard and darted out into the roadway where he was struck by a car and suffered a dislocated hip and some cuts. Everyone was devastated, but DeAngelo recovered. Shorty afterward, the family moved about a block from where they had lived on a street that is not so busy. Mom, Dad, brother Ian, and Grandma, who takes care of him during the day, all adore their little "mush." Pictures soon.