Our Timmy was found running the streets of Philadelphia and was taken to the local animal control facility. Our friend Dorrie pulled Timmy from the shelter and kept him out of harm's way, along with another of our Eskies, Mickey, until Diane Gonzalez had room for them at her place. Timmy and Mickey were quite a pair. We named Timmy in light of his timid, skittish personality. What a doll he was, and he really came out of his shell in the absolute chaos that is the Gonzalez household.

Soon, we felt that we had the right match for Timmy. Nina Cassie contacted us and it sure looked like a great arrangement. I bought Timmy back to Boston, and then intoduced him to Nina and her daughter. The adoption interview went beautifully! Timmy just charmed the Cassies, and he went home with them gleefully. Soon thereafter, Timmy dropped the timid routine and adopted a rather skeptical stance toward strangers. Nina reported that he was kicked out of obedience class ..... imagine that. Well, after months of work, Timmy has made progress trusting strangers, and his family just loves him in spite of his quirks.

Here is Nina's update:


Just to give you an update on Timmy. When I first adopted Timmy he was very timid - that's why he was named Timmy. Well, he wasn't timid very long. He still is a little timid around men. I brought him to training classes which I wasn't happy with, so I stopped. Since Timmy was found on the streets of Philadelphia, he was very possesive of items he found and items my daughter had. If my daughter left something on the table and walked away, he wouldn't let her back to it. I solved that problem by letting her feed him. I took him to new training classes which were more appropriate and appreciated Timmy, as they were used to American Eskimo Dogs.

The first few months were a little rough - because he was so unpredictable, but we all love him now - he is a very loving dog. He likes to roll over and have his belly rubbed. I guess Timmy had to get used to our family. He is doing very well and I'm glad we adopted him.

Timmy in his new home.

Timmy's new family meets the Angels From God and friends.