TAXI--now known as CODY (latest update!)


Taxi is such a sweet little cuddle bug! When Bette Lavery phoned me to say she wanted a dog that her twelve year old son, Kevin, could pick up and hug, I knew that Taxi was the right dog! Taxi was found as a stray in the Providence, Rhode Island area. He was brought to Denise Gareau's apartment in Quincy, Massachusetts where he spent a comfortable night before his big snip snip appointment at the vet. What a doll he was--loved everyone and all the other dogs right away.



After a few weeks at Chuck Bruno's, we arranged for the Laverys to meet Taxi -- and he sure did not disappoint them! Taxi took to the kids right away, giving kisses and hugs. When they left, Kevin was trying to get his parents to agree to let him take Taxi to his basketball game that afternoon -- I think that was a no-go. This was an excellent match, with a wonderful family. Kevin Lavery promised to write us and send us more pictures of Taxi in his new home!


Dear Denise,

Here are the pics we promised of "Cody" (Taxi) and the kids. We all love him. He is so cute and affectionate! We're going to take him to obedience school after the holidays. We can't wait to show him off to our relatives over Christmas. I think he's settled in nicely. He sleeps during the day and gets lots of attention at 2:30 when the kids get home from school.Thanks for all your help. Cody is the best Christmas present Kevin's ever had!! Have a good one!

Bette L.