Miss Tanya was one of our most "exhuberant"... well, that is not quite the right word..."excitable?" that's not right..."pain in the ass?"...well close, but no cigar. Apparently, a creature that cute, with that much personality, can get a way with a lot. And, boy did she. From the moment that I picked Tanya up at the CACC in Manhattan, she wormed her way into everyone's heart...while she pulled unbelievable...and unforgivable stunts.

And, by unforgiveable, I mean...I can take alot from these dogs...but, when they mess with my jewelry...I can hold a grudge. And, Miss Tanya took a chomp on my favorite 18K gold hoop earrings....and one year later....I have not been able to find a pair that fabulous.

However, absolutely everyone who met Tanya adored her...and, she had no trouble with the Angels from God, because they managed to avoid Hurricane Tanya. And so, the adopter search began by zeroing in on people who had such extreme patience and commitment that they would rather saw off their own arm than give up their dog. Frankly, there was no telling what trouble Tanya was going to think up for her adopters. The search for Tanya's new family clarified for me a new profile of Eskies Online Adopter. I was searching for a family who would treat they gave birth to her...and after all, if your toddler mangles your 18K gold earring, you wouldn't dump her at the orphanage. After a while, it seemed that humanity had presented me with a futile search, and I resigned myself to Tanya as the fourth Angel from God.

Tanya meets Pete.

Then, I got a call fom Pete Caputo. Pete is a feisty, dynamic gent, who has retired from his printing business...and yet, spends three days a week at the "office." The Caputos had recently lost their Eskie girl to a rare cancer. Pete was eager to adopt another girl...and was up on his training expertise and long on his patience and love. And so...I drove myself, the Angels From God, Irma La Deuce and Miss Tanya to Breezy Point, Queens, to meet Mr. and Mrs. Pete Caputo.

I was exhausted after the ride, and the dogs were fidgety, and wild, when they got out of the car. Pete's family was all anxiously waiting the arrival of Miss was the grandest welcome we could have received. And, Tanya...walked right over to Pete and claimed him as hers. And, that was it. Tanya became "Peaches", of Breezy Point. The rest of the evening was spent at a wonderful steak dinner that Ms. Caputo did not have to twist my arm to get me to eat. This is one of my absolute favorite adoptions...and our frequent phone reports from Pete bring tears to my eyes. Miss Peaches has invented new screw-ups and Pete has bested her at every juncture. Peaches is actually trained. I's a miracle.