Our Suzy Q is one tough cookie....and one of Diane Gonzalez's greatest success stories. When Diane first snagged her from the shelter, Suzy was in a very bad mood, indeed. It took 48 hours for Suzy to relax enough at Diane's house for her to give Diane a proper hello. We were really stumped by Suzy's grumpy attitude, and we just did not know if we were going to be able to find her a home.

After two days, Diane decided to persist with Suzy -- she let her out of the crate and took her for a walk around the 4 am, so that they would be undisturbed by the public at large. By the end of the walk, Suzy was rather sociable, and over the next week she made amazing progress.

Suzy Q and Dianne

We pushed Diane's fostering skills to the limit by loading her up with Suzy, Roxy and Lola -- and the girls pressed Diane's patience with their persistent arguments. But, finally, it was time for Roxy and Suzy to head East to their new homes. I met Diane in Manhattan and after a stroll up 8th avenue with the girls, we hit the road back to Massachusetts.

When it came time to choose a home for Suzy, there was only one family that came to mind.....the Kimballs, from Maine, who adopted my Baby Face Nelson. Bev Kimball is one of my favorite adopters. Not only do the Kimballs treat their dogs like treasured children....but they are wonderful with "complex" dogs. And, I just thought that Suzy Q would put Baby Face Nelson right in his place.

The adoption meeting was fun -- despite the downpour in Kittery, Maine. Our greetings were cut short by the rain, but I was thrilled to see Baby Face Nelson looking so great. Suzy was a bit reluctant to get into the van at first, but when Bev called the next morning, Suzy had taken to Steve, and was quickly warming up to Bev. And, nobody had been bitten.

After talking with Bev a few days later, I knew that Suzy was settling in nicely and has clearly become the boss lady of the house....making the boys, Nelson and Manson, wait until she is done eating before they can get their share. Aside from the typical new sibling squabbles over food and Bev, the dogs are getting along well and things couldn't have worked out better!