Our little Sugar was the casuality of one of those "Jerry Springer" family dynamics where the visiting toddler scared the hell out of him and grabbed his ears. In return, Sugar was very vocal in his displeasure. The resulting family row between the parents and grandparents would have made Jerry a happy, happy man.

In a nutshell, Sugar was heading a shelter when a concerned neighbor offered to take him in. The neighbor raises Newfoundlands and Sugar was a bit intimidated by all those big boys. And so, the neighbor phoned us to elicit our help in finding Sugar a forever home. He drove Sugar all the way to Boston, and after an emotional good-bye, Sugar hid in the corner once he got a load of the Angels From God. Fortunately, Sugar is the least intimidating dog on the planet, so the AFGs were quite hospitable.

Sugar was going to be the first dog to be fostered by our new adopter and foster parent, Laurel Chiten, who just adopted Shadow from us. Now, Laurel is new to the Eskie breed, and her boy Shadow has that long, lean look. Sugar, on the other hand, is a short, stocky fellow with a tilt to his walk. Laurel gave Sugar the most unflattering moniker of "Chubbs," and it was not until further inspection that we determined that his obvious girth is all fur.

After about a week, we moved Sugar to Cindy Halliday's house in Southern Maine. After he had spent only a day at Cindy's, I thought that we would have to dynamite Sugar out of the house. For Cindy, it was love at first site....and I thought that Sugar was going to be a permanent fixture. But then, Ollie -- the least alpha dog on the planet, took exception to the Sugar/Cindy lovefest and picked a fight.

By the time all hell broke loose, Marilyn Flor had phoned me about adopting and older Eskie to round out her pack -- Polar, a beautiful young Samoyed, and Lady, a stunning nine year old Eskie. Well, we originally had little Julie in mind for Marilyn, but upon introduction, Julie tried to boss Polar with the old humparoo. This behavior extended way beyond everyone's patience, except Polar, who is a very patient Samoyed, indeed.

And then, Sugar began to ingratiate himself into Marilyn's heart, and I could hear Cindy swearing at me under her breath....something about giving away her dog. And so, after a lovely afternoon of Eskieness, Marilyn drove home with Sugar in tow.

Her first report was glowing -- Sugar was fitting right in, and was charming everyone he met. I can now appreciate the original owner's choice of names....he is indeed, sweet!

We look forward to pictures from Marilyn soon!