Sugar was found "walkin' the streets" in South Jersey and was taken in by the Ocean County Shelter, from which we had sprung Inglebert, just weeks before. When he drove down to Jersey to snag Sugar from the shelter, Heart Bandits volunteer, Kevin Lewis, was having a bad luck day. The first thing Sugar did was to bolt out of the car and hide under the shelter stairway. This happened after Kevin discovered that his car was dead: while he was negotiating his own rescue via Triple A, Sugar flew the coop. And... the shelter had closed, so he was on his own with his trusty cell phone!! Denise received several frantic calls--and, luckily, we were able to track down one of the Ocean County Shelter workers to help with Sugar, while Kevin dealt with the tempermental car. Within a half an hour, Kevin was back on the road with Miss Sugar in tow. As soon as we posted Sugar on the website, this cutie raised a lot of interest, but we were very impressed with Larrie and Barbara of Tom's River, New Jersey. These wonderful folks had rescued a sweet Eskie, named Maya, from a New Jersey shelter months before, and had done an amazing job restoring Maya's health, coat and spirit. And, then, they decided to do it all over again! Kevin and Denise met the couple, and Maya, in New Jersey and introduced them to Sugar. It was amazing to see how far Maya had come and how much she looked like Sugar! What a cute pair these girls make -- and what a wonder family Miss Sugar got! Here is what Larrie writes:

Hi Denise,

Barbara and I can't thank you enough for Sugar. She and Maya are getting along just fine, except for the occassional growl over possession. She slept on the bed last night, so I suppose she is content. She is a real lover. She loves to go for walks and play in the yard with Maya. We took them on a excursion to PetSmart today to buy her a harness, leash and toys. She looks resplendent in Forest Green. She's a real good eater and not the least bit finicky. She hasn't had any problems in the house so far. I took her out at a little past 11 last night, and she slept with us till 7 this A.M. I'll be taking her to my vet tomorrow for a check-up. Would you please convey our thanks to Kevin. I'm quite sure that many Eskies would not make it without yours and his kind hearts. When you think about it, its so easy to be nice, more people should try it. I'll be in touch, I promise.